Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Governator is a lost cause, maybe the desert will have a friend in the next one.

I make it a habit to cruise various mailing lists for “green causes” as well as some
of the “green blogs” in the main stream media, as well as those belonging to the
renewable energy proponents.

One thing I often see(and amazingly this late in the process of the desert’s transformation)
are comments taking up for the governator such as he hasn’t walked a site or he
hasn’t been educated in the facts, you know excuses being made on his behalf
for his ignorance.

Let me tell you, in advance, I won’t be taking up for him in this post.
In my humble opinion, Arnold will go down in California history as one of the worst
governor’s on environmental issues in our history, if not the worst. In addition to the
hatchet job on the deserts, he also put the screws to our water resources and the fish.
That’s why in this post, I went ballistic on his highness and bobby kennedy,jr.
Warning there may be graphic language  and photos in the above

A couple of days ago at the groundbreaking “ceremony”, he showed his true colors.
As he looked over his domain, the soon to be destroyed Ivanpah Valley, he made this
comment and I quote,”Some people look out into the desert and see miles
and miles of emptiness. I see miles and miles of gold mine
.” That, by the
way, seems the exact vibe emanating from the CEC, DOI, and the BLM, as well as most
other agencies involved in this whole sordid affair.

Speaking only for myself, I would love to hear the next governor proclaim, that he or she feels
that miles and miles of emptiness are just what is needed for California and the wilderness
needs to be saved for future generations.

I won’t hold my breath.

The attitude of the governator, that the desert is a goldmine to be mined, seems to have
percolated through the ranks of the state’s agencies such as the CEC from top to bottom.
The only way this will change will be a new governor cleaning house and sweeping out
the current commission members. This throughout the history of this nation has been the
normal order of business with most new administrations, hopefully we’ll have someone a
little more desert friendly occupying the office the next few years.

Recently I posted the link to former governor Jerry Brown’s visit to Peterson- Dean, a roofing
and solar concern. That was a signal to me, that he at least is open to the idea of rooftop
solar or distributed power generation. We have millions of rooftops just waiting to be installed
with solar panels and solar hot water, if we can just get a friendly person sitting in the governor’s

Folks, I have been hard on the governator, I believe with good reason. But don’t get me wrong,
I probably would get along well with him as a person,I don’t really dislike the man, I just can’t stand
some of his policies and attitudes.

On a personal note, I am taking the next 4 days off and plan to get some desert time in. I may not
be able to make it up to the Mojave National Preserve, that is 4 1/2 hours one way to drive, but I
definitely will be driving up to Morongo Valley in the morning to do a hike in the Big Morongo
Canyon Nature Preserve, and I hope to be able to check out the Mission Creek Preserve, which
is part of the Wildlands Conservancy’s properties. I’d like to also go to their Whitewater Preserve
also, but that may be a little much for one day. I’ll have some photos and a trip report up soon once
I make the trip and get some computer time.

Hope to see you again out on the backporch.