Monday, October 18, 2010

I am a long time liberal democrat but I am about to blow you away with this voting recommendation.

Yes I know that I am not a resident of Nevada and normally this wouldn’t be any
of my business, but since these two individuals seem to be unable to stop themselves
from the destruction of the Mojave, especially here in California, here goes.

Kick the Reid’s asses out, both Reid the father, and half pint. Boot their sorry asses
to the curb, throw them out with the garbage, like yesterday’s news.

Half pint just comes across as a blithering idiot, seems harmless with lots of hare-brained
ideas, like filling the biomass power plants with pinyon/jupiter trees from Nevada. However,
when you add his father the senator who has never met a hare- brained scheme he didn’t
like, a political hack with some skill at massaging the erroneous zones of the body politic,
these two present a real danger to our wallets and our environment.

Kick the bastards out. I don’t give a damn if this Angle woman wins, no way she
can do worse than her opponent, who actually does know power and isn’t afraid
to use it.

Oh ye Nevadans, ye hardy people! Come out of your air conditioned boxes and boxes
with wheels. Drive south on I-40 toward Kalifornia and cross over the state line and exit at Yates Well Road. Turn right and drive to the golfcourse but turn off to the left before you get there. Find a parking spot amongst all the blading equipment and the hundred’s of
”hired biologists.” Now honor the no trespassing signs but leave your box with wheels
and walk toward the mountains until you get to a power line road, turn toward Primm and
walk around to the backside of the sacred metamorphic hill, climb up the backside and
gaze out upon the beautiful, soon to be destroyed forever, Ivanpah valley. Part of and
a lot of the blame for this boondoggle and travesty can be laid square at the feet of Reid
the father, your senator.
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Do the rest of us a favor, ye Nevadan’s and rid the country of this imbecile by
voting him out of office on November 2nd, in the year of our Lord, 2010.

This is Morongobill and I approve this message.