Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am turning a reader’s comment into a post today.

Today’s post is a comment I received on my post of October 9th.

Written by a reader who commented under the online name Southern, I feel
that it deserves to be reprinted as it’s own post, as buried in the comment
section, who knows if and when it would ever be read.

Thank you Southern for your insightful comment of the other day and for these
ideas that you have brought to the table.
-------------BEGIN COMMENT FROM SOUTHERN--------------

Southern said...

Ironically enough, part of the letter I sent to the CEC dealt with the fact that there would be public outrage if a plan was put in place to clear-cut old growth forest to make room for solar farms (or other forms of 'green' energy) and that the same gravity that would be given to the consideration of that kind of plan should be given to clear-cutting old growth desert. Obviously, as you said, this reality doesn't matter unless we can get the public to reach an agreement with us on this issue.
The key here, as you have noted, is how: Unfortunately, I have no answer for that. Writing has done a lot of good in the past (think of how many people Desert Solitaire has converted) but is terribly inefficient when the hammer is about to fall and we need to mobilize the troops immediately, in particular given the small percentage of people that currently read books. Blogs are more effective in the short-term, but many tend to not take them as seriously as they would a book, in particular those in the media, so they have their short-falls, too.
The problem is further compounded by the fact that most of the media outlets are composed of wishy-washy 'I'm green because it's cool' carbonmentalists who will be supportive of this projects, and thus, not willing to perform investigative journalism showing them for what they are. I have no idea how to fix this. Send key members of the media copies of Desert Solitaire and other pieces of work and hope they will report on them? Get all the desert bloggers (and blog readers) to target a few particular media figures for e-mail/letter writing requests to engage in some serious journalism on the subject? (Hell, they might actually work.) Perhaps someone should set up a private message board where desert bloggers, (book) writers, and concerned blog/book reading citizens such as myself can put our heads together on this issue and try to work out a solution?

October 11, 2010 6:53 AM

--------------END COMMENT FROM SOUTHERN--------------

Folks, I agree with the above points especially the last one that’s made about the private
message board. Unfortunately, as has been observed many times here on this blog, the
Morongobill and software seem to have a difficult relationship.

However, if a reader can suggest a plugin etc that can work with Google Blogger and/or
Windows Live Writer, for the purpose of setting up a message board, I will be happy to look
into it and host it here on this blog.

Again many thanks to Southern for caring enough to post a comment, remember your
comments are always welcomed here out on the backporch.