Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress- typical pay off to the contributors or just plain incompetence? The jury is out on the question.

By now I am sure that you have heard of the latest Mojave Desert boondoggle about
to be laid on us long suffering tax payers, courtesy of Senator Harry (never saw a
boondoggle scheme I couldn’t support) Reid and Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood.
They brought their dog and pony show to Las Vegas the other day and to say people
were scratching their heads trying to understand the route is an understatement.
And people actually wonder why I said Nevadan’s need to vote this guy out?

In a nutshell, they want to use existing U.S. rail technology and assets to build this on
the cheap. The general plan is to try to stay within the Interstate 15 corridor where the
Feebs already own the land and the rights, which they believe will make it easier to build
and to get any approvals. For all the lofty “teacher-in-chief” talk of high speed rail for
America’s future, this is the best they can come up. Sure seems to me that it’s more
about doing something for the big contributors than in really trying to create a high
speed rail network, which by the way, will be 100 miles per hour. Hell, cars are routinely
doing that speed on the freeway now, when Smokey isn’t looking.

But wait, it gets better. I swear you can’t make this stuff up, folks. The Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress goes where? Did I hear someone in the cheap seats say
Victorville? Absolutely right, the Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress goes to Victorville,
not Los Angeles! Yes, you heard right- it won’t be going to Los Angeles!  There
are no plans to ever build this direct from LA to Lost Wages, Nevada. Nada! Zip!

Let me make sure I understand this. Say it’s friday night and I live near downtown LA. I
have to load my family up in the car and fight traffic for at least 3+ hours, that’s LA friday
night rush hour traffic on the world’s largest parking lot, with kids crying and raising cain,
arrive in Victorville say after 8 pm, find a parking spot, board the train, and ride an hour or
so from there to downtown Las Vegas not the Strip where we wanted to go, to downtown where we will have to run the gauntlet of the various thieves, hookers,
dope heads, homeless, and Lord knows who else to either get a taxi, or a bus,etc
to get to our destination, which considering the traffic on the strip, could take an hour or more to get to our hotel…….

Most people would do that once and then tell their friends and family to forget it.
What they would tell the poor rail authorities wouldn’t be printable, I am sure.

Are you finally starting to get it now? Do you see what we are up against out here, those
of us who would like to see the Mojave remain undeveloped. The power structure, at least
in this matter, really has no idea just what the hell they are doing. Here with “high speed rail” or “so called renewable energy” for that matter. What a bunch of jackasses, fools, and
knaves. Idiots!

This boondoggle, the Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress has to get a prize for being
the dumbest project that ever came down the pike. When do you think they propose to build it to LA? Hmmmmm. Exactly, it will never be built to LA, NEVER! They will look into building another 50 miles over to the Antelope Valley to hook up with rail lines

Here is why China is cleaning our clock. For example they are building real high speed rail from Shanghai to Beijing right now, which is scheduled to be in service in the summer of
2011. The 1305 kilometer journey will take about 4 hours. And these are state of the art
real high speed trains capable of zipping along at 329 km/hour or about 204 miles per hour
which is twice as fast as the Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress! At least the
Chinese have the sense to connect 2 major cities- the government capital and the financial capital. Below is a video of one of their high speed trains.

This kind of technology doesn’t come cheap either. They are not trying to do this on the cheap, unlike our friends, Reid and Lahood. Oh no. They are doing it right.

Now contrast the Cal- Nevada Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress with what is planned
in Florida. They will be using the Siemens Valero E trainset for true high speed rail as in
Europe, in places such as Spain. Below is a video taken on the Madrid line, it’s a long
video and you may get tired of watching utility poles zip by.

May I suggest that the elites that are driving this boondoggle go back to the drawing
board, but first pull the plug quickly on this Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress?
Before the real money starts flushing down the toilet?


p.s here is another link about the Florida decision.


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