Thursday, October 14, 2010

On the BLM’s and Reid’s(the son) hit list in Nevada- considering events going down lately, I’d start worrying.

I am referring to the juniper and pinyon pine trees of course. Here is a beautiful example of a mature juniper tree below.
archivecd19 043

This large, juniper tree has nothing to worry about since it is located in the Mojave
National Preserve in the Camp Rock Springs area but those now located all over the
Great Basin state on BLM land are not so fortunate. You see the BLM workers there,
at least quite a few and some in positions of authority and influence don’t see any beauty here and believe it is spreading beyond it’s range and that the wood chippers and chain
need to be fired up to rid the state of this “pest”.

Rory Reid, son of Harry Reid, has come up with the bright idea of chipping most of these
trees on federal land, and using them as fuel in the biomass renewable energy plants.
This all in the name of promoting green and renewable energy. Is this the dumbest thing
you’ve ever heard or what? This guy really needs his ass kicked ‘till his nose bleeds,
maybe then he’ll think a little clearer headed. Evidently this was stated by Reid the Younger during a gubernatorial debate on October 7, 2010. I am amazed that nobody
challenged this ludicrous statement of his and that he wasn’t laughed off the stage.

This sounds so extreme and irrational, most of you are probably rolling in the aisles out
there, wherever you are reading this. But I am serious here and so are these folks. They
also think removing these trees will benefit cattle grazing, as you may or may not know, the
ranching lobby is pretty powerful on the open range.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, this proposal should not be ignored. A proposal so ignorant and illogical and extreme, from these folks will probably be construed as
mainstream by the teacher-in-chief’s administration and if the truth was known,
probably some of the big time “carbonmentalist” organizations as well.
One look
at what’s now going on in Ivanpah and coming soon to Blythe, Imperial, and other desert
areas should be enough to prove to any last remaining doubters of this cabal’s power
and influence, as well as the ability to ramrod their proposals through the system.

Oh by the way, there is anecdotal evidence already that the wood chippers and chainsaws
are and have been at work, beginning this next environmental blasphemy.
archivecd19 022
This picture also taken near the Bert Smith rockhouse in the Mojave National Preserve. I believe
the speck in the distance is the home of artist Carl Faber, who also once lived in the rockhouse,
and then moved a distance away but still in sight of the rockhouse.  I believe Mr. Faber has since
moved to New Mexico where he is still doing his desert painting.

Let me tell you, if you are out hiking or biking in the deserts and you come across a juniper
tree, especially one as old as this one, you’ll be glad. They provide vital shade in the desert, a commodity that you rarely find sometimes.  Note in the top photograph that there is a fire ring nearby, so camping would be allowed in the preserve here, wouldn’t
it be wonderful to pitch your tent, or just lay your bedroll out right under that tree and
watch the untold number of stars make their appearance after sunset?

Speaking only for myself, I am happy every time I come across a juniper or pinyon pine in my travels in
the Mojave.
teutonia peak hike-mnp 049 
Can you imagine the above desert mountain landscape without the trees? Well that’s what Nevada will look like if the BLM and Reid the Younger have their way.
Ain’t it great that we got such public servants like these looking out for our interests?
This latest travesty is just another cross for the now suffering Mojave to bear.
I am not going to bother with providing links, something this weird and strange can’t be
invented by me, I’m not that clever. You’ll just have to trust Morongobill with this one. If
Reid the Younger or the BLM have a problem with what I said- too bad.

P.S. He said there were a million acres of this pinyon pine and juniper that could be
used for biomass. My mistake. Actually from my point of view, that makes it even worse.
He’s not satisfied with taking out the juniper, now he also wants the pinyon pines as well.

Folks, I should have remembered this. Pinyon pines produce those edible pine nuts that
beginning with the native americans, then the spanish, have been enjoyed for thousands
of years. This is one of the few reliable sources of food in some desert areas and these
clowns want to burn them like firewood in the biomass energy plants because we don’t
like them, we meaning some want to be political and bureaucratic hacks. Read this
great article for information on these life giving trees of the Mojave.
Here’s some more information on juniper trees, another tree used by native americans
from making sandals to fenceposts to using tea from the berries for medicinal purposes.
Leave it to the french to come up with a more profitable use for the berries- read the
article for more details. Again another life giving tree in the desert.
Wikipedia also has good information on these, my opinion and I hope some of yours as well, wonderful and useful trees.