Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Prominent desert biologist explains Ivanpah consequences in this video. Title: “Shocking projection of mass extinctions in the Mojave Desert: Impact of large solar development on desert ecosystems”

This film was indirectly discovered through the Coyote Crossing website, where they have
a video which includes portions of this interview mixed with coverage of the Ivanpah Spirit Run. That video can be seen here.

This video is the raw, unedited interview with Jim Andre who runs the (Sweeney)Granite
Mountains Desert Research Center inside the Mojave National Preserve. He is well known
as an expert on all things biological for the Mojave Desert area. It was made by noted film
maker, Robert Lundahl.

Shocking projection of mass extinctions in the Mohave Desert: Impact of large solar development on desert ecosystems from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.

Raw unedited interview with ecologist Jim Andre, Director, Granite Mountains Desert Research Center at University of California, on the dangers posed to the Mohave Desert ecosystem from Large Solar Development. Focusing on the Ivanpah Valley. ©2010 Robert Lundahl, Freshwater Bay Pictures, LLC.

Sorry folks but only view this with a broadband connection, not with dialup. I believe this
is a 40 meg file.

If you really would like to understand what I and others have been talking about all these
months(in my case) and years for some, watch this video. It’s that important.