Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remember all the talk that giant solar plants are the way to go since rooftop solar is so expensive? LA TIMES says pv solar is cheaper!

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Did you see that? Let me repeat it in case you missed it. “Analysts said that without the government support, the solar thermal industry might struggle against cheaper technologies such as photovoltaics.” This is from a news reporter with the Los Angeles
Times,  a news paper that has received the Pulitzer Prize and many other awards more
times than Doan has back pills. Read the whole article here.

So let me make sure I get this, the government, the scientists, the “carbonmentalists groups” such as the Sierra Club, NRDC, et al, the concentrated solar industry especially
the B.S.E.’er’s and Tessera- all have said rooftop pv solar is way too expensive and
way too slow, in order to stop the dreaded global warning and climate change.
But now, inadvertently we find out that all along it was a sham, it was the BIG LIE told
over and over again until people believed it.
Of course, the big solar industry and
their proponents and shills can be forgiven for at the last minute, taking their eye off the
ball, and finally letting the truth out. By the way, so there is no misunderstanding,
the lie I am referring to is that pv is more expensive than concentrated solar, got it?

Do you folks remember a couple of years ago when oil ran up to $147 a barrel? Remember
those talking heads on the business news shows, regular news, the print media, and the net? All of them blaming supply and demand or tossing out that old canard, “peak oil.”
Then all of a sudden, the price went back down and still hasn’t recovered. After the smoke
cleared(and the huge profits were made) people started talking about a new electronic trading market for commodities that may have been involved, and the absolute gargantuan sums that hedge funds and others put into oil futures- remember? It was the same old Wall
Street two step, and when the music stopped, we got caught without a chair. Same thing
this time, gotta stop global warming, gotta get big solar built because it’s cheaper than photovoltaic, the politicians and their ilk as well as the general public bit, and now we are screwed, make that the Mojave Desert is about to get screwed. This time those paragons of virtue and benevolence, the public utilities came out smelling like a rose, they get concentrated solar which fits perfectly with their top down business model, taxpayers and others fund the scheme to build the power plants, and the costs for the new transmission infrastructure they can pass on to the rate payers. What a great deal for SCE and PG&E
and by inference to the other public utility companies nationwide who will watch and learn.

Folks, I am telling you that as sure as one day there will be a judgment, we the little
guys are forever to be laboring under this rotten, corrupt system of power delivery- forever, as now the utilities with help from the government, business, and yes, the carbonmentalist groups, HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO METER THE

We are truly screwed, unless you go back up to the top of the page and re-read that sentence. Pv is cheaper. Pv is cheaper. Pv is cheaper. Pv is cheaper. You got that?

Understand that it is cheaper, and that is without the government coming in with a loan
guarantee like the big concentrated solar companies are receiving. And my browser is chock full of links to stories showing new advances reducing the price of pv, daily. I can’t
keep up with all the news, there is so much.

So the alternative will have to be local produced power, home generated, the thing the
utility companies obviously fear the most. I think now is a good time to re-show a video of one of my true internet heroes talking about his home setup. I know most of you have seen this but the newbie, first time backporch visitors- you gotta watch this video, it’s that good:

Mr. Thompson knows intimately how much power his system puts out at any given time
and therefore how much power he can use. He has to consume within the limits of how
much power is available. There is a lesson there for the rest of us, if we can only open
our minds. The beautiful thing is by consuming less we get to close our wallets more, it’s

Now a little more info for all you backporchians. The article states that construction will
commence October 27th. What is the significance of that date? Any guesses? Those
loyal readers will remember that our friends over at Basin and Range Watch filed a petition on behalf of the tortoises with the CEC, the hearing is on the 26th. Boy, the arrogance of those BrightSource folks, they must think that they have the commissioners in their pocket already, telling the reporter that they start work
on that day. Plus, what does it say about her research, that the petition isn’t even
mentioned in the article.

My opinion, and it’s not worth much, is that the hearing is a very important one, if for no other reason that it exposes the system’s bias, incompetence, and hypocrisy for all to see and gaze on in wonder. Plus it puts on the record, the activist communities concerns with the process, thus putting it on the record for public and possibly
judicial and legislative scrutiny down the line.

Here is another little thing that I have been thinking about recently and have mentioned only to one or two close friends in confidence-------
I believe that 2 lawsuits are about to be filed, one to stop the construction at Blythe, and one to stop the construction at the Tessera Solar One near Newberry
Those are the two obvious candidates. Notice I didn’t mention Ivanpah. I am
very sorry but despite my and others heartfelt pleas, I don’t believe there is a green knight
about to ride to the rescue, because I feel this green knight is about to mount up and
ride to do battle with Tessera.
This is only a supposition on my part, no basis in conversations or made with any inside knowledge, just speculation on my part.

Of course, I hope that I am wrong and that legal battles will begin on all three fronts.

Now go forth and start turning off light switches when you leave a room.


Morongobill again folks. I just want to add that part of why I admire Keith Thompson so much was that he just went out and did it. If I ever figure it out, I plan on getting another
homestead out in the desert somewhere, I may even put up a yurt under a cottonwood tree, and I would put in a portable pv system for power. I’m 56 years old and can’t go on forever, it would be nice to have whoever takes over for me to be able to pack everything up, with the land only having been gently used, and take it, or keep living in it
in a similar fashion, knowing that once the show has finally ended, it can be moved off the land and nature can continue, hopefully without any major damage being done.