Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seems to me that I have been derelict in my duties…..

The duty to inform you of the very latest in the battle to save Ivanpah and
other wild places- from Salazar, Obama, the Governator, the CEC, the BLM,
as well as the BrightSources and Tessera’s of the world.

I apologize for the oversight.

As reported here by Shaun at the Mojave Desert Blog. Basin and Range Watch
filed a petition with the CEC regarding the tortoise situation there at Ivanpah, a
petition which has led to a hearing on October 26th I believe. You can read the
details at Shaun’s site in the above link, my take is that the CEC must be worried
or why have a hearing?

As some of us have long suspected, make that known, this rushed, fast tracking of
these projects has now been exposed for the farce that we knew it was. The proof
and yes it involves the desert tortoise, a federally endangered species, can again
be found at Shaun’s site here. He asks how many tortoises are actually at the
Ivanpah site, well guess what- in just a few days, remember they just started with the 100 or so “biologists”- they have already found 12, basically just marking the boundaries,
the estimate given to us was there were only 32 on the whole multi- square mile site.
You can bet your sweet bippy, if they’ve found that many on the margins…….

CEC staff to the Members of the commission- “Sacramento, we have a problem!”

Yes indeed they have a problem. It should be patently obvious even to the numbskulls
running the main “carbonmentalists groups i.e the Sierra Club, the NRDC, among others,
that this cursory attempt at compliance with the NEPA laws, that it was all a farce, all
bullshit- either they need to stop the project in its’ tracks and start over, or they should
be forced to by a federal judge to do so. PERIOD.

Of course it remains to be seen if there are any groups out there, unbeholden to the
corporate donors, that are not latched tightly onto the corporate hind teat, that have the
vision, courage, and yes, even the desire to step in and help save the Mojave and other wild places.

For sure, you can forget the Sierra Club as this memo from their top leadership, posted
by Chris over at Coyote Crossing, makes abundantly clear. They missed the boat letting
Glen Canyon Dam go through without protest, now Ivanpah. As far as I am concerned
any SC members reading this, in my opinion it may be time to move on.

Just in case I put in the wrong link here is the text of the memo below:
-----------BEGIN MEMO FROM THE SIERRA CLUB-----------you can’t make this stuff up-blogger’s note

Memo on Ivanpah from Robin Mann and Michael Brune

No one said that clean energy would be easy.

After much deliberation, the Board of Directors made a difficult decision this week not to try to block BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah solar project in the Mojave Desert.

Club volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly to reconfigure Ivanpah in a way that would do the least harm to the desert tortoise and the surrounding ecosystem. Unfortunately Brightsource is moving forward with a plan that causes unnecessary harm to species.

The Board of Directors has decided not to pursue litigation at this time. This battle has already been costly, and we must now rely on the federal agencies to require that Brightsource come around, so that we can focus our resources and attention to making sure that future large-scale renewable energy projects are built in a more responsible manner. We will continue to work with the Interior Department and Brightsource to improve the project in any way we can.

The Sierra Club remains deeply committed to moving America off of dirty energy quickly and responsibly, and that will include building large-scale renewable energy projects in the smartest way possible — by eliminating or minimizing harm to wildlife and natural resources.

Because the Sierra Club has a long history of protecting wildlife and public lands, as well as a record of winning fights against dirty energy, we are in a unique position to make sure clean energy projects are built responsibly. We are also in a tough position; we urgently need to get clean energy up to scale, and that means we will face more difficult decisions about where to put large renewable projects.

There are solutions to this conflict. As we showed with our proposed reconfiguration of Ivanpah, there is a way to balance clean energy development with the protection of our wildlife and natural resources.

We thank all of the volunteers and staff members who have dedicated years — and tears — to the Ivanpah fight. There will be more battles ahead, and we hope we can count on you to lead us to clean energy solutions.

The Ivanpah project has received occasional media attention over the past few months and will likely receive more. You can find our approved talking points in Clubhouse.

But please note that we are the only official Club spokespeople on this issue, along with Clean Energy Solutions Senior Representative Barb Boyle. Please direct any inquiries you may receive to Senior Press Secretary Kristina Johnson at (415) 977-5619.


Robin Mann, Sierra Club President
Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director”

They are in real need of someone telling them exactly where to stick their talking points.
I’d suggest someplace where the sun don’t shine.
ivanpah032410hike 047

So that’s pretty much the size of it. As soon as I hear more, hopefully I’ll remember to pass it
on, to you, my dear readers.



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