Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some of us are heartsick over this Ivanpah situation. This article illustrates why. Please read.

It has been suggested to me by friends and relatives that maybe I am beating a dead horse,
going on and on about this Ivanpah project.

Heck, I have even thought it myself a time or two even.

But, as a favor to me and for yourself, will you go read this article?

I promise you won’t regret reading it, although like me you may get tears in your eyes thinking
about what might have been. In my case, why did I wait until January of this year to decide to
start blogging? Why didn’t I know about all these projects earlier?

My only excuse and it’s a poor one was that I was just hung up on getting by day to day.

All those coffee shop discussions about politics or life in general- many times I have turned
strangers on to the Mojave National Preserve and the Mojave Desert, as a place to visit on
their way to Las Vegas, never once realizing the danger the place was in.
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So yes, my guilt may be what is driving me, if I may do some self analysis.

After looking over the article, do you see why some of us are really heartsick right now?