Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Wildlands Conservancy, their donors, we taxpayers, and lovers of wilderness are all getting shafted with the approval of the Solar(Tessera)One project!

Just so you won’t think that I am exaggerating, here is a link to a pdf file that can be
downloaded at the California CEC document page website.

A brief history is in order. These lands were acquired from the Catellus Corp., which
was a real estate holding company whose portfolio was land that belonged to railroads.
In the history of the american west, railroads were given 640 acre sections, in a checkerboard pattern, mine,then not mine,etc. Somehow these lands ended up owned
by Catellus, which is what I am concerned with for the sake of this post.

So the Wildlands Conservancy with help from donors and Senator Diane Feinstein upon
others acquired these lands in a big deal for the purpose of conserving them for future
generations to enjoy. Here is an example of how the land currently looks:
solarone 007
Now imagine this very scenic, ecologically diverse desert landscape covered with these
The above image was obtained through a Google search and is not copyrighted by me.

Please note that this area, personally hiked by me is extremely quiet once you walk away
from the interstate, just wait though, once this project is built out, the noise from these
Stirling Suncatcher dishes will be overwhelming. I am sure you won’t catch a desert
bighorn sheep going anywhere near this place then. For my trip report go here.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you think TWC would go bother their donors and
government representatives and go through all the rigmarole involved in such a complicated real estate transaction with Catellus, to end up being in the position  of our
native americans, getting shafted by the great white father and having the lands used
for a purpose that is in total opposition to the original intent behind the purchase of the
lands in the first place?

Of course not, that was not the intention and here are excerpts of the documents which
can be seen by clicking on the link at the first paragraph. These are screen shots, and
not copyrighted by me, in case my blogging program tries to make it so.
ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 23 13.34

The above is a section from the Wildlands Conservancy letter to the CEC opposing the
ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 23 13.36

Above is a letter thanking TWC on behalf of all americans from President Bill Clinton.
ScreenHunter_04 Oct. 23 13.40

ScreenHunter_05 Oct. 23 13.41

The above is from then Vice President Al Gore, notice how he lays out the scenic
beauty of this area, an opinion with which this blogger whole heartedly is in
agreement with. After saying this, why would the government later do a 180 degree
turn and stab TWC and their donors and us, right in the back? “Et tu Brut?”
ScreenHunter_06 Oct. 23 13.46

Note who signed the above letter, the contents, and what agency is represented.
Why aren’t a team of lawyers shoving this right up the BLM where the sun doesn’t shine?
ScreenHunter_07 Oct. 23 13.49

I am no lawyer but the donation deed above seems pretty clear to this old blogging
bus driver. But of course, the Lakota Sioux, the Dinee, the Apache, the Seminoles,
and other native peoples have a lot more experience dealing with Uncle Sam in the
past and may have a different view as to what words on paper coming from the United
States government actually will mean in practice.

As far as I am concerned, the actions by the governments involved in this re-writing of
a real estate contract have been reprehensible and in the old days, they might have
been tarred and feathered or worse.

Nowadays though, from this administration, they will probably get an attaboy and a nice
cushy sinecure with one of the noted “carbonmentalist” organizations such as the
Sierra Club or the Natural Resources Defense Council.

I wish they’d come pay a visit to the backporch so we could really communicate on the

I am extending a formal invitation to the BLM, the CEC, the DOI, and various and
sundry government parties involved in this travesty to come on down for an
interview, which will be fair, about as fair as the process they are using to ram
these projects down TWC’s and our throats. I know these groups check in on
this blog from time to time, the CEC just the other day- let’s talk about this.

Again, I welcome the chance to discuss this with the responsible parties.

Thanks for stopping by the backporch.