Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the “Goring of the Green Ox” begin.

First I wish to thank the Mojave Desert Blog for bringing this news story entitled
”Big polluters freed from environmental oversight by stimulus” to my attention.
The article was put out by the Center for Public Integrity(something this blogger feels
has been sorely lacking in this renewable energy fast-tracked process at both state
and federal levels) and was written by investigative journalists Kristen Lombardi and John
Solomon. Among others, the article highlights the BrightSource Energy deal at Ivanpah as
well as British Petroleum of Gulf Oil Spill fame, among many other major corporations.

I won’t repeat the whole article here, but I would like to point out that the article provides
the details for what I and other bloggers and desert activists have been saying all along,
that the process has definitely been rigged in favor of the corporations, and against the
environment all along. There has just been a feeling from the beginning of my involvement
in this struggle, a feeling held by me, and voiced by others, some way before me, that it
didn’t matter what was said by us or others against these projects, somehow it just seemed that the deck was stacked against us and that nobody was listening on the government

Now this article proves conclusively in my opinion, that we were right all along.

This democratic administration that many longed for, including myself, was going to right
all the environmental wrongs of past administrations, especially GWB, finally the environment
would come out ahead. Based on the experience of the Clinton administration where President
Clinton created a couple of national monuments in the desert area, we weren’t being overly
naive to expect good things from the Obama administration.

Man were we in for a rude awakening! From the appointment of the new sheriff, Ken Salazar
as head of the Department of the Interior, up till right now, we have had our noses rubbed
rudely into the fact that this administration doesn’t give a damn about the environment.
That is my firmly held opinion based on looking at the way things have played out with this
regime against the environment, I believe I am stating an inconvenient truth, and they
are going to keep on screwing the land under the guise of clean, green energy until the
people wake up and stop them.

Another slow to come realization that has finally hit me like a ton of bricks, is that the “people”
just don’t care or don’t know or don’t have the time to worry about these matters of nature
preservation- they are holding on for dear life trying to preserve their status quo, to
not end up sleeping in their cars or on the streets, as their jobs and whole way of
life gets outsourced away, by processes totally beyond their control.

One thing about me that you guys may have figured out already is that I don’t have a problem
with taking help from somebody, even a potential enemy, if it suits me or fits into my plans.
So I am proposing a radical idea for a liberal democrat.

I propose that the new House of Representatives when it is seated after the first of the year,
launch major hearings into the findings of this article, including the waiving of NEPA standards
repeatedly by this administration, to help out these grossly polluting corporations, who have
gorged at the public trough long enough, especially now that we know they are the beneficiaries of major coddling and largess by this democratic administration. I may not be a
constitutional professor like our president or an environmental expert like those,say, at the
NRDC, but I can recognize foul play and a rigged system when I see it, and evidently so can
the top notch investigators at the Center for Public Integrity.

It is the backporch opinion to let the hearings begin, and go on, and go on, and go on, no
matter whose green ox gets gored, until they get to the bottom of this scam, and
collect all the names and details, so that all can be aired to the cleansing sunshine
of the light of day, and all can be made part of the public record. Only then can we
finally bring some sanity and force feed some humility onto these arrogant bastards
that I helped elect to power.

In my opinion, crimes may have been committed here. If nothing else, the executive branch
seems totally out of control, thwarting the will of the people, as expressed by the legislature
in the form of the NEPA laws, it’s time the Congress weighed in on this issue, and clipped some
executive branch wings in the process. Last time I looked, the Congress per our constitution,
is a co-equal branch of government, and it’s time that they started acting like it.

I, for one, have no issue with using the Tea Partier’s and the Republicans in pursuit of my
goal, if it will save the Mojave and other deserts from what I feel is about to be the most
devastating events in their long history, one man-made driven by greed and ambition, cloaked in sanctimonious and pious rhetoric about carbon buildup. I also understand that deep down the repub’s and the TP’ers don’t care deeply about the deserts but they absolutely feel very strongly that they want to take down this administration, to knock it from it’s high horse, if they accomplish that goal, that will accomplish our goal of stopping these desert ruining projects- heh look, the president is so busy stabbing his liberal supporters in the back, why can’t we return the favor? I say stick it to him, just like he and his minions are doing 24 hours a day against our environment, and against us.

That’s my opinion. I know it’s going to piss off a whole bunch of you readers. Sorry but you
are seeing a side of me rarely seen, one quite frankly some of my friends need to adopt,
something the other side excels in politically, to paraphrase and re-use a great conservative
leader’s saying, “being brutal in your arguments is no vice in pursuit of a noble goal.”
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

An excellent analysis of the dangers facing our deserts, the how and why.

My suggestion is to surf right on over here for the definitive report.

Shawn has put all the pieces together over at his site, the Mojave Desert Blog.

The admission by Ken Salazar related in his post is a telling one. My comment for Mr.
Salazar is, I am glad that he has finally figured out what we in the blogging world knew
all along, that they need to improve their siting process, to prevent less harm to the
deserts in the future from these projects.

Call me Mr. Negativity, I can’t help but feel that the cow has got out of the pasture
and now it’s too little, too late. As the saying goes with a modern twist, you bulldoze a
few square miles here and a few square miles there, pretty soon you are talking about some real damage being done to the ecosystem.

I just hope that I am being too negative and that I am over-estimating the danger facing
the Mojave, but I am afraid that is a case of wishful thinking on my part.

Unless something changes and soon, stick a fork in it, the Mojave’s done.


Friday, November 26, 2010

NRDC+SIME DARBY= A Greenwashing match, their heaven, earth’s hell.

First allow me to introduce the betrothed starting with the groom, Sime Darby. Clicking on
the orange word will take you to this international conglomerate’s web site which I must admit is one of the better ones that I have ever come across. Breathtaking in its’ ability
to hide a basic fact, this company which is the largest owner of palm oil plantations in the
whole wide world, the Darby companies have been the undisputed champions in the raping
and plundering of the world’s rainforests to meet their insatiable need for profits!
Undisputed! No one is better at it, and they even have the unmitigated gall to call
themselves “leaders in sustainable energy development.” Look at the website, it’s all there.

A note dear readers, I actually have their website’s opening page in a different tab so I can
listen to the jungle sounds, to put me in the mood to write this, never mind the fact that their
plantations have virtually none due to the lack of plant diversity, when you clear cut and burn
all that fell, running off the birds and mammals and reptiles, etc and replace them with oil
palms, kind of like the “pine tree farms” back home in Georgia, there’s not much left, and what is left, doesn’t attract much wildlife.

Continuing, this Sime Darby, using the huge money generated by the plantations, has
diversified into healthcare, car building, “green energy”, and other pursuits, making money
hand over fist, you know they have gone legit, like what Michael Corleone wanted to do with
Don Vito’s mob after he assumed leadership. They have become legit, and people like me, a
”little pissant blogger” keep bringing up an “inconvenient truth” that the whole facade they
have created stinks, make that reeks to high heaven, of hypocrisy, the most malevolent
rapers of rainforest on the whole planet, wrapping themselves in the cloak of green
, which now brings us to the point where the bride comes in to the ceremony.

Ah, the good, old NRDC or the Natural Resources Defense Council, where have longtime
readers heard that name? Weren’t they the group that is taking “no position” on the Ivanpah
SEGS power project, long written of here by this “little piss ant blogger”, which we now know
per their own admission, is because one of their staff, a certain Bobby Kennedy, Jr is involved
with a venture capital firm that has an interest in that project. Plus as you have heard many
times before, their own Johanna Wald and now their own Carl Zichella, helped craft the rules
that when promulgated,virtually guaranteed the raping and pillaging of our Mojave
Desert, which let me be the first to tell you, has begun in earnest, and don’t you
think messr’s Wald and Zichella are proud? Their wish has become our command, in the form of our government ignoring us, and only listening to them.

So you might wonder what in the hell do the betrothed have in common , how did they get
together? Well it seems the NRDC isn’t content just to be screwing us here in the southwest,
they have bigger fish to fry and branched out long ago to become bad, worldwide, as the song
goes. Now this is complicated, so pay attention to what follows.

There is something called the HECO-NRDC agreement where the Hawaiian Electric Company
needed to obtain a certain percentage of a green fuel to burn to produce a certain percentage
of so called “green energy” for their portfolio. Does that sound familiar? Sounds like California
AB32 where the state needs to get a substantial percentage of green energy for its’ portfolio
and that’s why our deserts are in the crosshairs of development right now. So HECO needed
to get a fuel source and that’s where the NRDC stepped in. They had developed a “sustained
production policy” where palm oil growers could certify the oils were from sustainable sources.
Basically the NRDC accord as I understand it, counts heavily on the growers doing their own
certifying, which is akin to the fox allowing himself to provide security for the henhouse, if you
know what I mean.

But it gets better, trust me. Sime Darby, very astutely knew that they had a worsening
reputation as things stood, and founded the “Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil”
which I admit has a nice, green ring to it and got the NRDC to develop the standards for
what constitutes “sustainable palm oil” and guess what, according to the NRDC, Sime Darby’s
palm oil is sustainable, at least enough to send a million gallons of it to Hawaii.

This caused an uproar amongst some environmental groups including the Sierra Club’s Maui
chapter and others. Overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo etc, the local groups that
are against the taking of their rainforests for palm oil plantations, must not only feel outrage
but betrayal as well, after all the NRDC is supposedly among the “greenest of the greens.”

To me personally, this is just another example of the crass hypocrisy of some of the largest
environmentalist groups, professing to be so concerned about the environment but really
not wanting to offend their large corporate donors, such as Sime Darby, and in effect
enabling them in their mission to rape the planet in pursuit of profit. I can’t prove it,yet,
but I’ve been around long enough to know the stench of corruption, and this deal reeks to high

It really puts things into perspective also doesn’t it? No wonder these groups don’t want to get involved in saving the Mojave, if they don’t give a damn about saving the rainforests and the
peat rainforests, why the hell would they care about the desert. It is just business as usual to

Here is the latest target of the Sime Darby’s and their ilk- the swampy peat rain forests, which
they want to rip and burn the trees from and plant more of the african oil palms.Here is an
undisputable little factoid for you, if they develop the 3% peat forests in the tropics remaining, that act will release into the atmosphere enough carbon as what is burned at our high rate now, an amount equal to 75 years worth! And the NRDC is enabling this kind of destruction by playing footsie with the industrialists, making and tweaking the “sustainability” standards, just like they did setting the rules and standards in the current desert debacle.

I stand by these words and if they want to sue me, go ahead you sons of bitches,
make my day.

There are many groups over on the other side of the world who are fighting on behalf of the native peoples who are cheated and lied out of their ancestral lands, who lose it all, often their lives, trying to stop these modern day three piece suited rich bastards. These groups
keep on fighting despite the best efforts of the world’s carbonmentalist groups efforts to
marginalize them.

Here is an example of just how complicated the briefcase toting bandits make it. There is
an agreement called REDD, or Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.

Sounds real good doesn’t it? It sure is a mouthful. But guess one way the industrialists have
written this to leave a giant loophole big enough to drive a logging truck through- they equate
a real functioning rainforest with- you guessed it, a palm oil plantation! After all they are both full of trees, right? Never mind the fact the animals will be killed or run off in the process.
Really makes you proud to be human doesn’t it?

You know in the Woody Guthrie song “Pretty Boy Floyd,”it was sung that some will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen. I say be worried more nowadays by those that
toss around their spreadsheets and math models predicting the world’s demise if carbon
reduction goals aren’t met, and that we need to sacrifice our wild places to prevent that carbon buildup by means of mirrors and windmills, because on the one hand here they are
preaching one thing, and around on the other side of the globe, they are enabling some of the biggest environmental rapists in history, to clear cut some of the great sequesters of carbon, the last remaining rain forests, and in the process rid the earth of many, many plant and animal species, and rapidly accelerate the global warming process, which if I remember was
what these groups were concerned about in the first place.

Here are a few links of interest for your weekend reading:

Wildlife-friendly oil palm plantations fail to protect biodiversity effectively

Palm Oil Plantations Threaten Sustainable Living for Humans and Orangutans

And a video which shows the devastation caused in Indonesia by the deforestation of
6 football field size rainforest every minute of every hour, day after day, in that

Watch the video and look at a few of the links and I am sure that you will agree with my post, this is truly an outrage being committed to our environment, over there and here in this country.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

GReen EnErgy Development, spells the same old GREED.

No matter how you slice and dice it, worldwide it’s the same old crap, just
repackaged in a new, supposedly green way. Gordon Gecko would be very
proud to see that his motto has been carried forward by a new generation of
businesses with help from the old time energy firms.

It is a fact that green energy has a dirty secret. From the rainforests to the
deserts of the globe, the environment and its’ inhabitants, from plants to indigenous
peoples are paying a heavy price, so that the developed world can claim that it is

The movie Green highlighted on this blog recently, a movie that brought tears to
my eyes and was a major enlightenment to me, this film lays out a devastating case
against businesses and governments involved in the promotion of the green energy
revolution. I would add the major carbonmentalist organizations, who by their very
participation in the approval process for renewable energy development, to that
number as well.

If you have not watched this 45 minute film, I strongly recommend you do so. Watch it
in particular, if you consider yourself green, and as you watch them tag and bag the
heroine at the end, ask yourself, was it worth it? Was it a necessary sacrifice that had
to be made so that the rich first world can feel good about themselves, when they fill up
their gas guzzlers? Are these actual screen shots from the film of the devastation caused
necessary? You greens decide for yourself, my vote is they are not and that it is an
environmental catastrophe, just as bad as the climate change, in fact, my belief is that
by destroying the rain forests for the sake of giant palm oil plantations to make a “green”
fuel, we are giving extraordinary impetus to the climate change process. The same thing
is going on out in the deserts as well, destroying complete ecosystems along with the
carbon sequestrating soil, to plant mirrors and windmills, all to stop carbon buildup, duhhhh.
ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 25 11.10

This was a rain forest above.

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 25 11.17

Where all the trees endup above.

ScreenHunter_04 Nov. 25 11.20

Rich europeans and others can use this biodiesel and feel good about themselves, below is one of the unfortunate
by products of “green energy.”

ScreenHunter_09 Nov. 25 11.21

Below is another unfortunate by product. To me this is murder, pure and simple.

ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 25 11.23

In the above scene, Green, the female orang-utan has passed away and is being hauled away like trash and again

ScreenHunter_12 Nov. 25 11.23

All this had to happen for this scene below.

ScreenHunter_08 Nov. 25 11.21

I stand by this post’s title. There’s nothing green about it, but it absolutely reeks
of greed, pure and simple.

So do like I do. When you hear that something is green, don’t believe it until you
check it out. Nowadays I hear green energy, I think “greedy energy.” Until I get
the proof otherwise, and I will be the judge of that.

There was no need for Green to have been run from her home which was paradise on earth
which you will see if you watch this free download film. I believe you will be horrified as I
was. This old heart of mine is pretty hardened, but it was softened by the events that transpired in this film.
ScreenHunter_13 Nov. 25 11.42

Watch it and weep.

And come away with an appreciation of the true sacrifices asked of the least amongst us, for the betters amongst us to continue their profligate ways.

Check out the films website and watch the movie here.

Really makes me proud to be a member of the human race.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Chalmers Johnson is gone.

With deep sadness, we have learned of the passing of Chalmers Johnson.
A noted historian, writer of several influential books including one in my
collection, Blowback, and critic of our imperial presence all over the globe,
he was a man of great intellect and honesty, commodities that are scarce

He was 79 and leaves his wife and intellectual companion, Sheila, behind until
they meet again. Our deepest condolences go out to her and their many friends
at this time of great sorrow.

I cannot overemphasize just how great a loss this is to those of us who believe
this country has gone down the wrong path. This is devastating.

But the man wrote many books recently that shed light on a possible future path,
perhaps at some point our leaders will gain the knowledge within those books, and
change course before it is too late.
archivecd16 251

Here are a couple of tributes on the web.

Rest now Chalmers Johnson.




Sunday, November 21, 2010

Backporch light may be turned off for a while every now and then.

I have been thinking for some time about moving out from the Google network.
For the price, free, they provide a host for my various scribblings, with a few
rules, and offer a way to monetize the blog using their Adsense program and
others. Of course since this blog seems to have taken an “activist” turn, the
commercial aspect has been a total failure.

Not that I am too worried, after all from the beginning I envisioned this site to
be kind of a hobby with a long term goal one day of perhaps supplementing my
retirement income, keep me in gas money to go out and visit the forests and the
deserts, boondocking out on federal land, or volunteering at the Mojave National
Preserve, for example. It would be nice to have an extra 100$ or so a month coming in
when I reach that time in 6 years or so.

To this end, I am going to be attempting to move this blog over to somewhere else
and build a similar site from scratch, hopefully with free or inexpensive software.
By the way, my post the other day about looking for a web designer, was not for this
purpose, but that I feel our side could use a site similar to that Stop Spewing Carbon
site that I found online, which still impresses the hell out of me. Of course, as usual, there
was a big yawn and ho hum, something I have been accustomed to receiving here for
some time now.

This site will be gradually going offline, I will still post on things and events that I come
across but probably not as often.

For those in my audience of a cynical nature like yours truly, it is not what you’re thinking,
nobody has got to me nor has anyone made any offers, etc. It is what it is, time to move on.

To my followers, and others who have helped me, feel free to drop any links from your
site to mine, as obviously there may not be much in the way of reciprocal traffic coming
from my site to yours. I appreciate the support and patronage received.

One thing I will say about the future is that my plan is to have some more trip reports from the Mojave Preserve, of places there that I still have not visited. When they will appear is the question.

My opposition to the desert solar and wind boondoggles, has not and will not change, and as
events unfold, I will still write about them here or at the new site when it is online.

Events are taking place in our imperial capital, especially regarding the elites desire to savage
our greatest generation, by hacking away at what to some is their sole means of support, their small social security checks, a travesty and outrage that I am totally against, that cause
will probably end up taking up a lot of space on these pages in the future, you are forewarned.

My most immediate concern is a giant remote controlled airplane that I have been trying to
take apart to ship to my brother, one small nut and screw is stopping the disassembly, being
made of balsa wood, I have to be very careful. I just spent 30 minutes in Sears and another tool place looking for a tool or two with no luck- if something doesn’t change, I may go online
and special order a real big box and just ship it Greyhound, gggrrrrrrrr.

This is another potential change in this blog, I may start blogging more about immediate things in my life, of course, that may be a sure fire way to run off everybody Winking smile

Until next we meet,


Friday, November 19, 2010

Now that they got the desert tortoises on the run, they want to use them for advertising! Anyone else got a problem with this?

I don’t know why but after viewing this at a solar blog, this is the first thing that came
to my mind from the exchange between the Army’s attorney, Mr. Welch, and Senator McCarthy, at the Army hearings, an exchange that directly led to McCarthy’s downfall and
the end of a horrible time for our country. I am in no way equating current events with
those, the quote just seems so appropriate in response to this travesty.

ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 19 08.07

“Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”- Mr. Welch at the McCarthy Hearings 1954

I believe this quote fits this photo and the efforts to make money off the desert tortoise’s current situation to the “T.”

Using the man-made disaster affecting the tortoise due to concentrated solar development, to sell rooftop solar, not only is beyond the pale, but about the dumbest advertising move that I
have ever heard of. Outrageous and utterly stupid and unnecessary.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quechan tribal member Preston Arrow-Weed speaks out against big desert solar at get together of activists and tribal members November 15-16, 2010.

This is from the event I blogged about the other day and said I would try to get to last Tuesday, but had to work so was unable to make it.

Mr. Arrow-Weed also talks about their creation story.

You can also watch the video here.

There is a great story about the event and further comments from Mr. Arrow-Weed and
others here.

I really wish I could have been here for this get together.


Slideshow and article from the New York Times- construction@Ivanpah SEGS

Article here

Slideshow here

Tick, tock, tick, tock……….

Time keeps ticking by with nobody stepping up to the plate and filing a lawsuit to stop
the desecration.

Stick a fork in it, Ivanpah’s done.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

“Green” the film. The blowback and unintended consequences of this green revolution on species and ecosystems. Coming soon to your area. Guaranteed.

A reader sent me this link and I just finished watching this movie which has rocked me
to my core.
ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 17 17.00
This picture is from the opening scenes of the film Green. Prepare yourself and later ask is it worth it?

You can talk about something, but to see it in action and practice, is something else.

My thanks for the link and to the producer of the short, award winning film, “Green”, about
a female orang-utan whose home forest has been cleared to make way for a palm oil plantation, used in the production of a green biodiesel fuel used in Europe and other places.

Blowback, watch this film and you’ll know exactly what I have been talking about on this blog.

Watch the film here.

This is too much to bear, but I urge you to watch it.


To the Sierra Club leaders- toss the talking points and drive down to Ivanpah and Blythe, give penance for your sins against these wild places by laying down in front of an earthmover.

Folks, I just came across an interview on Alternet.Org, which is a news outlet, where Michael
Brune, the Czar of the Sierra Club, made his case for the SC moving forward on the climate change battle. Being a little aware of the overall context of his words, the timing of them and
knowing what is going on at Ivanpah and Blythe, with thanks in part due to his organization-
well, let’s just say the Morongobill vented a little steam in the comments section, which I will repeat here:

“Just a couple of thoughts to throw out there in the froth here.
The SC leadership has done a masterful job of marginalizing their base of committed activists- that's my opinion from anecdotal sources from within the group. These real activists are sitting on the sidelines with the exception of a bold few who are saying "screw the club" as regards the desert solar issue.
So now they are putting together their talking points to roll out to the proletariat, got to have everybody on the same page, of course without any meaningful input from the before mentioned activists, who have fought in the trenches for years.
Oh and I just had to laugh at this quote-"We don't seem to have the same passion, we have not yet given evidence that we have the same enthusiasm and the depth in our organizing and so we need to reconnect to our base -- we have to lead with our values"- they don't have the same passion because just like at Glen Canyon decades ago, the leadership has again sold out the environment to the industrialists, this time at Ivanpah. AND THIS TIME THERE IS NO DAVID BROWER TAKING IT UPON HIMSELF TO GO FIGHT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, DESPITE THE CLUB. HE WAS AT A GOV'T OFFICE STILL FIGHTING TO SAVE GLEN CANYON WHEN THE WORK BEGAN!
Contrast that righteous and manly position to the clown running the SC now, sitting on the sidelines
while the earthmovers move in and the desert tortoise's get whacked. And by the way, these events were set
in motion long ago, as the SC and the NRDC had highups in place at the table, when the rules were set down for energy development.
Yes sir, in my opinion, both groups stopped being environmental groups dedicated to saving the wild places long ago, and morphed into being carbonmentalist groups, worshiping at the altar of carbon reduction, got to save that environment by mirrowing over vast areas of wilderness to reduce carbon, never mind China building 2 coal fired plants a week.Of course by doing this, they are signing death warrants for at least 50% of the desert tortoises they run across and run over in the process. As Will
Sonnett used to say, no brag, just fact.
Another quote- "The two areas of real growth are desert Southwest solar facilities"- no mention at all
that I could see anywhere about rooftop solar, just this mention which obviously is a reference to concentrated solar plants, you know the giant 5 square mile or so scraped earth monstrosities that the promoters always want sited on pristine desert habitat, hundreds of miles out, that can only get funded with the feds help, because no self respecting investment banker would touch the deals with a ten foot pole, that make no economic sense but make plenty of sense to the utilities because they merge perfectly with their top down, command and control model- and evidently somehow fit smoothly with the SC and the NRDC, perhaps because of corporate donations?
If you think I am kidding, check this out. Call Harry(never met a desert boondoggle I couldn't support)Reid's office and ask how that million dollar fundraiser went for him at BrightSource Energy's headquarters before the election, BS being the developer of the Ivanpah SEGS project which he is supposed to be regulating and/or legislating.
Now that is truly BS and pretty much applies to the SC leadership today, as it is currently constituted, not a David Brower or John Muir amongst the bunch, just some carbonmentalists enamored with their power point presentations and math models, who wouldn't recognize a desert tortoise if it bit them in the ass! “

I am going to make a suggestion which like most that I have made will be falling on deaf
ears. Why don’t some of you backporchians make a comment on that article as well? Bring
some facts to the folks attention out there in that alternet, who are being spoonfed the pablum the Sierra Club leadership wants them to get- before it blows over and they go back to talking about space ships or whatever it is, that a few of the longtime commenters there are into.

Speaking of deaf ears, that is exactly what activists have been talking to at Sacramento and our imperial capital all along judging by what has been and is about to transpire, out in the deserts. No matter what is said, the answer that comes back is always the same- we have to over-ride the findings of fact in order to meet our state’s renewable energy mix requirements.
I noticed a remarkable similarity between those words and how this guy Brune spoke in the interview, like everybody is reading off the same sheet of music.

In my opinion, and it may be a distinctly minority viewpoint, these so called environmental
leaders have got a lot to answer for. But since they hold the reins of power, I won’t be holding
my breath, nor should you. I fervently believe in the title of this post, they would make a strong statement by protesting at those plant sites, after all they were in on the beginning,
helped set the table so to speak, it’s a human thing to realize your mistakes after the fact, and want to make amends in any way you can, but somehow I don’t think that will happen any time soon.

So you rank and file members who surfed over here today out of curiosity, you are warned.
Your leadership has sold you out, pure and simple, not much you can do about, either resign in protest, or try to change things down from the bottom, or just go along with the flow from upstairs, becoming implicit partners with them when all the destruction out in the Mojave really starts in earnest.


Monday, November 15, 2010

To those with a talent in web site design, and of a philanthropic nature, with an interest in saving the deserts.

Late addition to the post: If anyone knows of website design software that is easy to use,
meaning you don’t need to know html or css etc, that doesn’t have a steep learning curve,
and is reasonable- ideally 75$ or less, that you have used and can vouch for, please email me or post a comment with the name and where to buy. There are a lot of products out there
and I can’t afford to buy them all.

I have re-thought this post and have decided that I was asking too much from people, send
me a name for really good and easy to use software and I’ll use it to revamp this blog, and just try to put on the web, what I have envisioned.

Bottom line, I am not going to ask anyone to do what I should try 1st, but having no coding
experience, it will be easier to accomplish with help right out of the box!

The rest of this post has a link to a site that I have in mind to emulate, if possible.

May I suggest a project for your spare time?

First, let me say that while doing research yesterday for a possible post on the absurdity
of cutting down carbon sequestering forests to be burned up in new renewable energy
biomass plants, I came across a very interesting website for an environmental activist
group opposing biomass plants in New England, an activist group that was successful
in stopping any more commercial biomass incineration plants from being built
in Massachusetts. A fantastic achievement, and one I would like to see happen
here in southern California in regards to wind and solar on pristine habitat.

Here is the website I am talking about.

I believe that a site like this is desperately needed out here, one that is hard hitting and
a little more cutting edge to get the young people’s interest and to help hold it. But not
so far advanced that the average person’s web browser or computer can’t display it. One
that can be integrated easily with the new social medium, in my wildest dreams, our
message would go viral and the server would crash—sigh—I guess I can dream.
teutonia peak hike-mnp 059
Overlooking the Mojave National Preserve from the Teutonia Peak trail on a cold day this year.

Again for the umpteenth time, this idea is just being floated out there, there are many
others who have spent years fighting for the environment on the frontlines that are more
than welcome to lead this struggle, I just see an opportunity here from the cheap seats
that might have merit.

If anyone has thoughts on this, please email them to me. Please indicate in your email if
I may publish it here, with credit to you being given.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

What do $30,000,000 of your tax dollars buy in renewable energy development? See pic inside. Plus, peaceful protest today and tomorrow on behalf of the Quechan Indian tribe and their fight against big solar.

Pad on 9-1-09
This is all there is to a 30,000,000$ tax credit to help build a biomass plant. Boy, somebody got scammed!

I have been reading up on some of the biomass schemes proposed out here in the
western United States by some of the renewable energy promoters. Of course my
interest has been kindled by the recent gubernatorial debate in Nevada, where
the democratic candidate, Rory Reid, son of Harry the Great, proposed chopping
down and chipping up the Basin state’s vast juniper/ pinyon pine forests.

Speaking of those types of forests, there was a $30,000,000 State of New Mexico
tax credit which was given out to Western Water and Power Production, LLC for the
building of a biomass renewable energy plant which would burn those very forests
as its’ “biomass source.” Evidently the company missed the 24 month deadline to
begin producing “clean, renewable energy.” So the company which had been sitting
on the money for all that time has to give it back. No word yet on the backporch, if
the dough has been returned to the state treasury, judging by the above example of
the work done, this might be the only concrete results for where the money was

Well, it’s to be expected, I guess. This type of result is something that has been expected
and feared on the backporch for a long time. Now here we are talking about 30 million bucks,
just imagine the billions of dollars that the feds are tossing around like confetti.
The potential for fraud and abuse is simply mindboggling when you consider all the boon-
doggles that are planned just for California.

This is a big issue and has many proponents in the government bureaucracy, among them
the current head of the U.S.Forest Service, Tom Tidwell. And of course, don’t forget the
Reid boys, Papa and baby boy. The thought that to save the planet from global warming,
that we must chop down the trees which sequester the carbon, to burn those same trees,
releasing said carbon and other toxic gases, in order to save the planet from more carbon buildup- am I missing something here, or is it about the dumbest thing that you
have ever heard? Somebody’s got way too much time on their hands, and have
been massaging the hell out of their carbon spreadsheet’s erroneous zones.

That’s why I don’t call them environmentalists anymore, the wacko’s who promote this sort
of hogwash, they are carbonmentalists now, first and foremost, willing to sacrifice any
place or thing, if it will only fit somewhere in their math models and spreadsheets, and
allegedly reducing the carbon.

Here are a couple of sites that might interest you:
Very interesting photo here of New England forests that were clear cut to feed the biomass plants.
A hard-headed look at biomass.

Just a few interesting articles to look over this last day of your weekend, while I am driving
muy bus tonight, you can be figuring out how to save the planet.

One other thing, it’s too late to get there today, but tomorrow is the last day for the peaceful
protest out at the site of the Imperial solar proposed plant, a protest supporting the Quechan
Indian tribe’s lawsuit opposing the project. Details can be found here. If my work has me on call tomorrow, I’ll be there. Lately though work has picked up, I am pretty sure I am on the schedule for tomorrowSad smile


Late addition. Just so we’re clear, I totally oppose these schemes such as those in
New England where they are clearcutting forests and sending them right to the woodchippers, and proposals such as that from Reid the younger.

Watch this video slideshow and read the article for a sneak preview of the Mojave Desert of the future.

From April, 2009 in the High Country News online magazine.


The writer Emma Brown interviewed and wrote the article about Annie Proulx, who lives on
the edge of the Red Desert in Wyoming, a 100 mile wide area which has been targeted for
massive oil and gas development. As a consequence, the desert has been criss-crossed now with thousands of miles of roads which are used by the big rigs to reach the various drilling
sites, destroying the silence of the desert, and of course resulting in fragmentation of the habitat.

Annie Proulx is a writer and also produced a short video for this piece which I hope that you
will view.

This is a 6 page article about life on the edge in Wyoming and the slideshow really puts things
into focus.

It is no stretch to me to say without a doubt, this is the future of California’s deserts if something doesn’t change here. The difference however will be the sheer, massive size of
the wind and solar farms.

This is a very thought provoking article and slide show, albeit from a year and a half ago.

But as the philosopher said once, how do you know where you are going, if you don’t know where you’ve been.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Like Sisyphus, are we just pushing the rock uphill, only to have it keep rolling back down? Are there reasons to hope that we can save the Mojave?

Since beginning this blog last January, I have discovered that there are a wealth of worthy
causes to get involved with- such as stopping the production of animal cruelty videos, as
written of here,yesterday.

The cause that this blog has been most concerned with, has been attempting to stop the
industrialization of the east Ivanpah Valley- which has begun in earnest with the groundbreaking at BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah SEGS and approval now granted for another solar project across the dry lake bed on the Nevada side, plus transmission line
upgrades are planned, as well as high speed rail.

Since the Ivanpah Valley, a completely functioning total ecosystem, is an integral part of the Mojave desert and the Mojave National Preserve, it has been a primary focus here.

Several bloggers and other writers, have spotted the energy development crosshairs being trained on the Mojave, and have been writing, often in beautiful prose, about the
situation out there. Unfortunately, to this point, nothing really seems to be catching on with
the general public, so far at least. The mainstream media mostly has ignored it, perhaps if
Lindsey or Brittany were involved, it might be different.

As hard as it is for me to stomach, it appears that Joe Public either doesn’t know about this, or if they do, just don’t care. Perhaps the other side is just doing better at getting their
side out- which they say is jobs-jobs-jobs. Hard to argue with that in the midst of the Great
Recession, that’s for sure.

As written here several times, we opponents of this process are playing against the house,
and the house’s dealer is using a marked deck. The renewable energy interests have almost
all the media coverage, access to and control of the levers of power, and control of the money. They seemingly also have unprecedented access and entree to the most important environmental groups, up to and including having some of those groups higher ups involved
in setting up the very trap that the wilderness is in as we speak.

To say that the future of the Mojave is bleak if events keep playing out as they are now, would
be the understatement of the century.

I have thought about these things often, writing about them here on this blog and as comments made on other sites as well as news articles. Recently I wrote about perhaps the people solving the issue of energy development in this state, by way of the ballot box, an idea met with total indifference judging by the ho- hum response.

Growing up in Georgia, I always heard you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him drink. Trust me, I totally understand the wisdom of that saying right now.

They say you can’t go through life tilting at windmills. Being motivated not by money and
hoping just to make a difference, I must confess it is with dismay that I seem to be making absolutely no difference at all.

So it seems to me that unless I want to emulate Sisyphus, I need to make some sort of change in my approach. What change? Hell this is the first time that I have ever done this,
I haven’t a clue. But note this, all you high muckedy mucks from the industrialist’s side that
keep auditing this blog, whatever I do will be legal, and ethical. And I will not sell-out the wilderness or its’ defenders.

The backporch is just a little “pissant” of a blog, nothing special, one of literally millions out
there right now. However, I have tried to keep it real and honest. Perhaps sometimes I have been a little too “earthy” but that’s in my nature at times. A little strident at times, yes I have
been accused of that in my lifetime. Mostly self taught in the ways of the blogging and environmental political worlds, with a little help and guidance at different points in this journey
which I am extremely grateful for; I am aware that at times I have made mistakes and pissed
off a few people.If my bull in the china shop zeal for the cause has offended some, I apologize.

But I stand 100% behind some of my predictions and some of my outsider surmises at people’s motivations. I think in 56 years that I have learned a thing or two about human nature, ambition, and yes, hubris. And I have found it in spades in this modern day update of the ancient greek tragedies being played out from the Mojave to our imperial capital to Sacramento.

I say without reservation and without equivocation, for the umpteenth time, that the industrialists and their “carbonmentalist” enablers, and without impugning their motives, have
made the decision that the deserts must be the sacrificial lambs, to be slaughtered at the
altar of carbon reduction, so that this global warming and climate change can be stopped.
In other words, they are ready, willing, and able to destroy the carbon sequestrating desert soils and all the plants and wildlife, so that we can save the planet from carbon buildup. Or as
Rory Reid would say and I am paraphrasing, we got to saw down and chip up and burn in our new biomass plants, the million or so acres of junipers and pinyon pines in Nevada on public land. The absolutely dumbest, son of a bitching thing that I believe I have ever
heard and I have heard some real doozies in my life, trust me.

That smugness and arrogance on these elite’s faces, that is what is motivating the Morongobill
now in conjunction with saving the deserts and wilderness. I want to see those smug faces wiped clean. Period. Heh, we all got to have a reason to keep going, that’s as good of one as I have heard from anybody else. By persisting in tilting at that particular windmill or in other
words, continue rolling that big rock up the hill, regardless of whether or not it rolls back down, perhaps at some point I, hopefully with some help, we can together make a difference
in the struggle to save the desert from its’, what appears to be, inevitable fate- ruined for all
time. Because in human lifetime terms, it really will be gone forever.

That my friends is truly a noble struggle to be in, helping those without a voice or any other
defenders except those like us, not in it for mammon or reward, but a feeling that stays with
you unto the end, to the very grave, that you did what you could, when you could, and with
all you had. It might not seem like much of a contribution, but here and now, the thought
really does count.

To that end, like Sisyphus, I will keep rolling the rock up the hill, but with the hope and expectation that it won’t be for an eternity, and that the people will wake up from their slumber, and all of us, together, will overcome the forces arrayed against the wilderness and
ourselves, and those last wild places will be saved.

That is my hope and dream.


Friday, November 12, 2010

An amazing story of hope, from the Great Depression, you have to listen to this show.

I first read about this story in the New York Times a few days ago. A man, Ted Gup, who used
to be an investigative reporter with them, had come across some family papers, among
which were several paid checks from 1933 and letters from strangers to an unknown
named person. Anyway, he investigated it and discovered that his grandfather had put
an anonymous ad in the Canton, Ohio newspaper offering help to people suffering from
the Great Depression, handing out almost 800$ in small checks to many different people,
an amount small today but in that time, an amount of money that was huge.

The details can be read here.

Tonight I heard a story on the radio with Mr. Gup, where he read several of the letters
and talked about his grandfather, Mr. Stone, and his times. This was a wonderful show
that brought tears to this old blogger’s eyes. You can listen to that show here.

After my earlier tirade, I am making up for it with this great story of helping out
one another in these tough times.



Since when did free speech mean you can videotape crushing a kitty or puppy and sell it on the internet? Since April this year thanks to Johnnie Roberts and the “supremes!”

Many, many thanks to one of my readers who emailed this information to me.

A law was drafted during the Clinton administration that was aimed to shutdown
the production and sale of these gruesome videos. Note, warning there will be a graphic message from your blogger right now- - - - -

I have never heard of this before receiving the email yesterday. At first, I thought it
was an internet myth, but I checked out the link to an animal cruelty site and did a
little more investigation, before I answered the person’s email. Yes, it never fails to
amaze me, the absolute depths of depravity that some walking, talking pieces
of crap that are called human, can sink too. And the people who view this and
get sexually aroused by this garbage, are just as bad. If they didn’t buy it, not
as much of this violence porn would be made.

Evidently our Supreme Court, those paragons of solomonic wisdom, decided the law was
overly broad and voted 8-1, that it was unconstitutional, overbroad, and now the torture
and filming is going on with unbridled glee and gusto by the “film makers.”

Let me say right now in no uncertain terms what I think about this: I believe the
makers of these snuff films and their audience need their sorry asses beat until
their nose’s bleed. And that’s too good for them, snuff is a word that comes to my
mind. Freedom of speech issue? You got to be shitting me! What assholes!

How can we act to stop this trade? There is a bill that needs one more vote before it can
be sent to the president for signature,H.R. 5566. One more congressman needs to vote for
this and it can be declared the law of the land, and we can finally put these sons of bitches
out of business. Maybe they’ll relocate to Singapore and get caught and receive about 20
strokes on their backsides with a brine soaked rattan cane, wielded by a brawny martial
arts expert. Now that’s a video I would pay good money to see, now you’re talking.

Please consider emailing, writing or calling your congressman to help pass HR 5566
and stop the crushing of defenseless animals so that some real “sick puppies” can
get their sexual jollies.

Here is a photograph taken by me with my cell phone. It is my girl friend’s two cats- one
male and one female. They are like members of her family. They are loved, I love these
cats. To think that somebody would want to crush them and film it, and that others would
get off watching it, makes my blood boil. I swear to God, I would really hurt somebody
who intentionally hurt or killed these 2 cats. I swear it. They say revenge tastes best served
cold, but I’d settle for immediacy in this instance.

Folks, I’m sorry for losing it here tonight, but I am not changing one word of this post.
We are pretty far gone as a nation if we can’t stop something that is this depraved, and
barbaric from happening. And if this is the best our government can do, get a law thrown
out by the “supremes” and take this damn long to rewrite it, what do the snuff film purveyors
have that powerful a lobbying group?


Here are some links to checkout regarding this issue:

"Supreme Court voids law on animal cruelty videos"

Humane Society calls for new law prohibiting animal cruelty videos"

President Clinton's signing statement when he signed original law.



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Earth to Obama- come in please. We got your back in the fight to save social security and to stop more tax cuts for the billionaires! If you’ll fight----

Those of you who have hung out on the backporch have probably
figured out by now that your host is a liberal democrat, who did
vote for the president in 2008.

And has really started regretting that vote, which can not be laid off
on youthful inexperience, to my chagrin.

Events of the last couple of days have done nothing to relieve my anxiety
about what advantage he will give up next.

First allow me to say that this president, obviously knows squat about
poker playing or negotiating. He has now indicated that he is going to cave
on extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, something he specifically promised
not to do as a candidate, hell, he may even make the cuts permanent. He is
doing this, not under duress, but just because he wants to, per his reading of
the political tea leaves.

Some might argue that he is doing precisely what the elites want him to do,
that’s their opinion, I could not possibly comment on that except to say it
might be a plausible scenario.

The next shoe to drop is the co- chairs of the Catfood Commission have made
an early release of their proposal to fix the budget deficit, and to no one’s
surprise Erskine Bowles and 300 Million tits Alan Simpson, say social security
should be cut and the retirement age should be extended, conveniently ignoring
the undisputed truth that the social security system has a 2.5 TRILLION
dollar surplus, and that politicians of all stripes have been raiding that trust
fund for decades. The fund which is supposed to be invested in compound
interest earning treasuries has been swiped and “special treasuries” are held
now which don’t compound interest, it’s enough to make my blood boil.

You know the other day I posted a comment to a Black Agenda Report article where
I linked to the major protests in Germany, a train bearing nuclear waste was stopped
temporarily at a cost of over a thousand injuries to protestors, ultimately the next day 50,000
riot police cleared the protestors blocking the tracks, and the train reached its’ destination.
I predicted that there may have to be such drastic action by the people here in the USA,
if we haven’t all been morphed into sheeple by the media, to save this one and only
successful program that is there for the people.

Contrary to what the Koch brothers and others proclaim, this is not an entitlement, we
worked for it, every damn penny of it, and we will not stand to have it given away without
our consent, or to be privatized so that Wall Street can work its’ shell game magic on it,
We won’t stand for it.

All you gray panthers out there, listen up, better wake up, and follow what’s going on in
our imperial capital, there is a fight brewing, and this is one we can and should win. A plan
has been laid a long time ago and it is about to come into fruition, and you guys will be the
big losers if you don’t get aware and active now in this struggle.

Sit on the sidelines, the next couple weeks or so and you’ll be looking at a done deal.

Finally a note to our president. Sir, this is the chance to finally have an FDR like moment.
You need to go looking right now for your inner FDR and you need to  find a modern day
Harry Hopkins like yesterday. Quit listening to the likes of Reid and Pelosi, and start telling
them the facts of life. These are issues that overwhelming numbers of Americans support
no matter their party affiliation, and they are issues you can fight on and get traction
with, and pull out a victory, despite the new House of Representatives, providing you
fight on behalf of regular folk, show them you hear and feel their pain, and trust me they’ll have your back in this political brawl to come.

Earth to Obama, time for a gut check, look for your inner fighter and come out swinging.
Finally, at long last, be that man of hope and change, that so many of us voted
for. It is not too late to make a difference, Mr. President.



Sunday, November 7, 2010

For your amazement- Prince’s unbelievable lead guitar solo in “While my guitar gently weeps”- performed live with Tom Petty and others for George Harrison’s introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It was a bit of rock and roll lore that I thought that I would never get to see and hear, but thanks to
the magic of the internet, I finally saw this and you should watch this too.

George Harrison was a great talent, the quiet Beatle, often overlooked, but after the breakup, his
work on “All things must Pass” and other works showed that he was a creative force also, it just
wasn’t the John and Paul show.

My favorite George Harrison song which he wrote, and sang with the Beatles has to be “Here comes
the sun.” That song always does something to me whenever I hear it.

Music is subject to interpretation and reinterpretation, George knew that, look how the Beatles redid
”Twist and shout” as one example. So I think this show, in which his son performed also, along with
Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Prince and others, would have made George proud.

So without further talk, here is the performance which I have 2 videos embedded, the first zeroes in on Prince’s solo and the 2nd is the whole song performed in full.


Prince in the red hat about to do some serious rocking.

See folks, this blog rocks!-----occasionally.