Sunday, November 21, 2010

Backporch light may be turned off for a while every now and then.

I have been thinking for some time about moving out from the Google network.
For the price, free, they provide a host for my various scribblings, with a few
rules, and offer a way to monetize the blog using their Adsense program and
others. Of course since this blog seems to have taken an “activist” turn, the
commercial aspect has been a total failure.

Not that I am too worried, after all from the beginning I envisioned this site to
be kind of a hobby with a long term goal one day of perhaps supplementing my
retirement income, keep me in gas money to go out and visit the forests and the
deserts, boondocking out on federal land, or volunteering at the Mojave National
Preserve, for example. It would be nice to have an extra 100$ or so a month coming in
when I reach that time in 6 years or so.

To this end, I am going to be attempting to move this blog over to somewhere else
and build a similar site from scratch, hopefully with free or inexpensive software.
By the way, my post the other day about looking for a web designer, was not for this
purpose, but that I feel our side could use a site similar to that Stop Spewing Carbon
site that I found online, which still impresses the hell out of me. Of course, as usual, there
was a big yawn and ho hum, something I have been accustomed to receiving here for
some time now.

This site will be gradually going offline, I will still post on things and events that I come
across but probably not as often.

For those in my audience of a cynical nature like yours truly, it is not what you’re thinking,
nobody has got to me nor has anyone made any offers, etc. It is what it is, time to move on.

To my followers, and others who have helped me, feel free to drop any links from your
site to mine, as obviously there may not be much in the way of reciprocal traffic coming
from my site to yours. I appreciate the support and patronage received.

One thing I will say about the future is that my plan is to have some more trip reports from the Mojave Preserve, of places there that I still have not visited. When they will appear is the question.

My opposition to the desert solar and wind boondoggles, has not and will not change, and as
events unfold, I will still write about them here or at the new site when it is online.

Events are taking place in our imperial capital, especially regarding the elites desire to savage
our greatest generation, by hacking away at what to some is their sole means of support, their small social security checks, a travesty and outrage that I am totally against, that cause
will probably end up taking up a lot of space on these pages in the future, you are forewarned.

My most immediate concern is a giant remote controlled airplane that I have been trying to
take apart to ship to my brother, one small nut and screw is stopping the disassembly, being
made of balsa wood, I have to be very careful. I just spent 30 minutes in Sears and another tool place looking for a tool or two with no luck- if something doesn’t change, I may go online
and special order a real big box and just ship it Greyhound, gggrrrrrrrr.

This is another potential change in this blog, I may start blogging more about immediate things in my life, of course, that may be a sure fire way to run off everybody Winking smile

Until next we meet,


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