Friday, November 5, 2010

A comment I made at a LA Times Technology article regarding still another solar plant being approved out in the desert.

I felt it important to repost it here, actually I cut and pasted it here before I pushed the
post comment button. The article was noting in wonder about the number of projects
being approved and it was a good time in my humble opinion, to inject a note of realism
into the author’s and any reader’s enthusiasm, if they are inclined to greet such, to me and
others way of thinking, horrible news for the deserts.

Here is my post in comment to the article:

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Let's wait and see how many new plants will be funded, this time next year
now that the Republicans have taken over the House of Representatives,
clipping the administration's wings a little bit.

The lucky winners of the ARRA funds like BrightSource better thank the
lord that their project got approved when it did, because I predict funds from the feds will dry up fast just like has been the case in the capital markets for these solar boondoggles.

As I have said all along on my blog, if these projects were money makers, they would have been built out decades ago, the only thing making them viable is that Uncle Sam is offering a guarantee, with our money. Currently, in case your readers don't know this, they are the only ones with skin in the game, taking all the risk, and stand to lose it all, and be lucky to ever be paid back, while BrightSource who just broke ground, is already planning to go public, where the big bucks are, before they even produce a kilowat of electricity. What a scam.

Of course, one of my main fears as a desert lover and activist, is that
they'll blade the many square miles of prime plant and animal habitat, and run out of money and have to stop the construction. Or they won't
have money to clean it up as promised when these plants are decommissioned 30-50 years from now.

Take a drive out to Daggett, past Barstow a few miles, and look through
the fence there at what was once the pride of BrightSource Energy, before they changed their name. It's not a pretty picture, I can assure you. That's what scares us, in addition to all the habitat destruction, and the loss of the plants and animals, etc.

Next time you want to write an article about desert solar, feel free to contact me, or I can turn you on to some real experts on the subject.


Here is the link to the article in question.

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