Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The dust is settling, the election is over, and it’s obvious that the Mojave is better off today. Plus Quechan tribe files lawsuit to stop Tesserra Solar Project at Imperial.

Just in to the backporch, Rory Reid, Harry’s son, aka the “woodchipper-in-chief, soundly trounced  53%
to 41%, no reaction yet from the mesquites and pinyon pines or local Blm muckedymucks!

No doubt due to the condemnation here on this blog, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the former and
still Senate Majority Leader, barely survived a squeaker election against an unknown challenger from
the Tea Party(want crumpets with that?) and awoke this morning and surveyed a battlefield
littered with battered hopes and dreams, wondering how he now would be able to advance his agenda
of total destruction of the Mojave by covering it with renewable energy solar towers and windmills, now
that those dastardly republicans had hoodwinked the gullible public(just like he had been doing for
years) and brought the whole boondoggle edifice crashing down upon the democrat’s heads.

No doubt the wailing and gnashing of teeth could be heard emanating from that grand ballroom and
his hotel suite long into the night and on to this morning, before the doctor prescribed sedatives kicked

Morning in America! Morning in the Mojave! There’s a new sheriff in town and his name ain’t Kenny
and he looks funny in a cowboy hat!
------------------------ Now we go from this tongue in cheek commentary to the real one---------

It’s another morning out here on the backporch, the coffee pot is percolating up some cowboy joe,
I have been off work for 2 days and will be off 2 more, who knows maybe I’ll pour in a little something in
to put a little hitch in my giddyup this fine day!

And it is a fine day out here on the left coast. Beautiful sunshine, not a cloud hovering in the sky. No
smoke from fuming voters that I can see, but there may be turbulence in some quarters as the clarity
brought to the thought process may finally wake some folks up in Sacramento and our imperial
capital to the simple fact that all these renewable energy land rush pipe dreams may just be that, pipe
dreams and about to be swept clean off the drawing board, and into the rubbish bin of history where,
no doubt, most belong.

One of the said crap projects, I am extremely happy to say, was hit upside the head yesterday of all
days, and what significance can and will be laid on that, with a telephone book size legal brief brought
forth by a native american tribe, the Quechan’s, who object to the kangaroo court type and rushed, rushed,
and still more rushed proceedings which allowed the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, and the California Energy Commission, to rubberstamp a 6,300 acre project (including over
28,000 stirling engines) to be built, obliterating their tribe’s history, cultural, and biological resources-
all in one fail swoop in the process!

As we used to say back home in Georgia, and adapted to this particular situation, those Quechan folks
didn’t fall off the turnip wagon yesterday, and this lawsuit especially considering the overall context
of the timing, is a major hammer blow upside the thick skulls of the industrialists, the
political hacks and other marsupials, as well as their “fellow travelers” within the
mainstream “carbonmentalist” movement. As one of my heroes, President Teddy
Roosevelt, would have said “Bully!”

Those readers with good memories will remember that the Morongobill climbed way out on a limb with
a saw last week, and predicted that 2 lawsuits would be filed, but regretfully not at Ivanpah, and the obvious
suspect would be a Tessera project. Let me clear something up right now, I did think a Tessera
project would be sued, but not this one! I was wrong and happy as pig in slop to say it! Fight on
ye noble Quechan’s, fight on!

I did note that there were a couple of extra names, parties along with the Quechan’s. Can we get an
amicus brief from one of the enviro groups perhaps as well? What’s that? Did I hear a question from the
cheap seats? Well yes, I see your point about pipe dreams, yes, gotta keep it real on the backporch.

I am sure we will have more to discuss about the brave Quechan’s at a future time, for now let’s survey
the wreckage of the carbonmentalist’s hopes and dreams, due to the tsunami of voter discontent that
just showed up off the coast and slammed across and through America. I think it is a safe bet, a very safe
bet, that the new House Majority will not be interested in pushing these multi- billion dollar desert
boondoggles such as the Harry Reid- Lahood special, the I call it “Las Vegas to Where??? Desert Xpress,”
or these mega square mile solar farms, or the 40 story tall windmills and other renewable energy
paraphernalia , not when there are so many coal mines or oil and gas fields that they can fund and support
via tax credits, etc. Now don’t call me cynical for telling the truth.

Folks, let’s get one thing straight right now. Believe it or not when Obama was elected I was a liberal
democrat. Watching him flailing around, and siding from the very beginning with the right, boy you
talk about triangulating- he could school Dick Morris on the subject- he governed by, for, and of the
rich and the bankers and the elites from the very start. Anyway to cut short what I am sure most would consider a very boring story, once I saw the Mojave was in his sights, and no amount of persuasion was going to work to get him to see the light, I, WHILE STILL A LIBERAL, became less of a democrat.

Forget all the talk about party loyalty and that maybe I cut my own throat, I don’t
care, my focus like a laser beam is on the preservation of the wilderness, including
the Mojave which I believe a lot of folks love, contrary to what the pointy headed
bureaucrats might think, and if it takes “Get your hand off my wallet” Reid to get his
ass kicked in an election, or the dumbocrats losing control of the Congress, so be it.
I just don’t give a god-damn about folks whose sole purpose in life besides moving on
to a cushy lobbying job, is to cover the beloved Mojave and other wilderness areas
with stirling engines and parabolic troughs, all in the name of stopping global
warming, when the simple facts are that China, to name one, is not going to stop
building dirty coal plants which will belch humongous amounts of carbon in the
atmosphere for the next few decades. And yes I mean “beloved!”

The dumbocrats who stood astride the political landscape like a new Collossus of Rhodes just 2 short
years ago, managed to squander most of their goodwill earned and reputation, in the absolutely tone
deaf manner that they “governed” in the short time they had power. I can say that because despite the
fact that they french kissed every rich and powerful ass they could come across in Washington, evidently
they weren’t good enough at it, and it was time for them to be shown the door. The rest of us, the “true
believers” were marginalized, lectured, run over, disrespected for the fools and knaves that they thought
we were, became demoralized and if we voted, we probably held our nose or pulled the lever for someone
else. Message to the dumbocrats and our teacher-in-chief, enjoy your stay in the political wilderness. May it be longer than 40 days and nights, and don’t be surprised
if folks like me, check out a 3rd party next time.

I am thinking confession, repentance heartfelt, and then a long time from now, the redemption. That’s the
mood that I am in, and I think plenty of others as well. For the proof of that, I will surf over to the Black
Agenda Report, and the Smirking Chimp, and Truthdig, as well as Arthur Silber’s and Chris Floyd’s
blogs for the real scoop.

Well folks there you have it. I’ve run out out of coffee and it’s time to move on. But first------

I told you folks I was heading up to the wilderness on Monday, I did, with a hike at the Big Morongo Canyon
Nature Preserve followed by one at the Wildlands Conservancy’s Mission Creek Preserve. You won’t
believe this, but it is true. I was hiking up a road at Mission Creek pondering this desert situation in the background of my mind, while processing the sights and sounds around me of nature in the foreground.
I came upon the largest, tallest Fremont cottonwood tree that I have ever encountered where I filmed a video. After shutting down the little digicam, I stood there looking at Senor Gigante cottonwood and it
just hit me, the idea of taking the fate of the Mojave to the voters, just like that.

Giant cottonwood tree at the Mission Creek Preserve from bill mcdonald on Vimeo.

If such a moment would occur right before the mega lottery----

Alright folks, if you like or dislike this commentary feel free to tell me. If you have thoughts about the strategies and tactics I have touched on the last couple of posts, please comment or email me. No
thought is too small, not when the survival of the Mojave as an intact ecosystem is at stake.

Fare thee well, until we meet up next time.


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