Thursday, November 11, 2010

Earth to Obama- come in please. We got your back in the fight to save social security and to stop more tax cuts for the billionaires! If you’ll fight----

Those of you who have hung out on the backporch have probably
figured out by now that your host is a liberal democrat, who did
vote for the president in 2008.

And has really started regretting that vote, which can not be laid off
on youthful inexperience, to my chagrin.

Events of the last couple of days have done nothing to relieve my anxiety
about what advantage he will give up next.

First allow me to say that this president, obviously knows squat about
poker playing or negotiating. He has now indicated that he is going to cave
on extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, something he specifically promised
not to do as a candidate, hell, he may even make the cuts permanent. He is
doing this, not under duress, but just because he wants to, per his reading of
the political tea leaves.

Some might argue that he is doing precisely what the elites want him to do,
that’s their opinion, I could not possibly comment on that except to say it
might be a plausible scenario.

The next shoe to drop is the co- chairs of the Catfood Commission have made
an early release of their proposal to fix the budget deficit, and to no one’s
surprise Erskine Bowles and 300 Million tits Alan Simpson, say social security
should be cut and the retirement age should be extended, conveniently ignoring
the undisputed truth that the social security system has a 2.5 TRILLION
dollar surplus, and that politicians of all stripes have been raiding that trust
fund for decades. The fund which is supposed to be invested in compound
interest earning treasuries has been swiped and “special treasuries” are held
now which don’t compound interest, it’s enough to make my blood boil.

You know the other day I posted a comment to a Black Agenda Report article where
I linked to the major protests in Germany, a train bearing nuclear waste was stopped
temporarily at a cost of over a thousand injuries to protestors, ultimately the next day 50,000
riot police cleared the protestors blocking the tracks, and the train reached its’ destination.
I predicted that there may have to be such drastic action by the people here in the USA,
if we haven’t all been morphed into sheeple by the media, to save this one and only
successful program that is there for the people.

Contrary to what the Koch brothers and others proclaim, this is not an entitlement, we
worked for it, every damn penny of it, and we will not stand to have it given away without
our consent, or to be privatized so that Wall Street can work its’ shell game magic on it,
We won’t stand for it.

All you gray panthers out there, listen up, better wake up, and follow what’s going on in
our imperial capital, there is a fight brewing, and this is one we can and should win. A plan
has been laid a long time ago and it is about to come into fruition, and you guys will be the
big losers if you don’t get aware and active now in this struggle.

Sit on the sidelines, the next couple weeks or so and you’ll be looking at a done deal.

Finally a note to our president. Sir, this is the chance to finally have an FDR like moment.
You need to go looking right now for your inner FDR and you need to  find a modern day
Harry Hopkins like yesterday. Quit listening to the likes of Reid and Pelosi, and start telling
them the facts of life. These are issues that overwhelming numbers of Americans support
no matter their party affiliation, and they are issues you can fight on and get traction
with, and pull out a victory, despite the new House of Representatives, providing you
fight on behalf of regular folk, show them you hear and feel their pain, and trust me they’ll have your back in this political brawl to come.

Earth to Obama, time for a gut check, look for your inner fighter and come out swinging.
Finally, at long last, be that man of hope and change, that so many of us voted
for. It is not too late to make a difference, Mr. President.



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