Saturday, November 27, 2010

An excellent analysis of the dangers facing our deserts, the how and why.

My suggestion is to surf right on over here for the definitive report.

Shawn has put all the pieces together over at his site, the Mojave Desert Blog.

The admission by Ken Salazar related in his post is a telling one. My comment for Mr.
Salazar is, I am glad that he has finally figured out what we in the blogging world knew
all along, that they need to improve their siting process, to prevent less harm to the
deserts in the future from these projects.

Call me Mr. Negativity, I can’t help but feel that the cow has got out of the pasture
and now it’s too little, too late. As the saying goes with a modern twist, you bulldoze a
few square miles here and a few square miles there, pretty soon you are talking about some real damage being done to the ecosystem.

I just hope that I am being too negative and that I am over-estimating the danger facing
the Mojave, but I am afraid that is a case of wishful thinking on my part.

Unless something changes and soon, stick a fork in it, the Mojave’s done.


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