Thursday, November 25, 2010

GReen EnErgy Development, spells the same old GREED.

No matter how you slice and dice it, worldwide it’s the same old crap, just
repackaged in a new, supposedly green way. Gordon Gecko would be very
proud to see that his motto has been carried forward by a new generation of
businesses with help from the old time energy firms.

It is a fact that green energy has a dirty secret. From the rainforests to the
deserts of the globe, the environment and its’ inhabitants, from plants to indigenous
peoples are paying a heavy price, so that the developed world can claim that it is

The movie Green highlighted on this blog recently, a movie that brought tears to
my eyes and was a major enlightenment to me, this film lays out a devastating case
against businesses and governments involved in the promotion of the green energy
revolution. I would add the major carbonmentalist organizations, who by their very
participation in the approval process for renewable energy development, to that
number as well.

If you have not watched this 45 minute film, I strongly recommend you do so. Watch it
in particular, if you consider yourself green, and as you watch them tag and bag the
heroine at the end, ask yourself, was it worth it? Was it a necessary sacrifice that had
to be made so that the rich first world can feel good about themselves, when they fill up
their gas guzzlers? Are these actual screen shots from the film of the devastation caused
necessary? You greens decide for yourself, my vote is they are not and that it is an
environmental catastrophe, just as bad as the climate change, in fact, my belief is that
by destroying the rain forests for the sake of giant palm oil plantations to make a “green”
fuel, we are giving extraordinary impetus to the climate change process. The same thing
is going on out in the deserts as well, destroying complete ecosystems along with the
carbon sequestrating soil, to plant mirrors and windmills, all to stop carbon buildup, duhhhh.
ScreenHunter_02 Nov. 25 11.10

This was a rain forest above.

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 25 11.17

Where all the trees endup above.

ScreenHunter_04 Nov. 25 11.20

Rich europeans and others can use this biodiesel and feel good about themselves, below is one of the unfortunate
by products of “green energy.”

ScreenHunter_09 Nov. 25 11.21

Below is another unfortunate by product. To me this is murder, pure and simple.

ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 25 11.23

In the above scene, Green, the female orang-utan has passed away and is being hauled away like trash and again

ScreenHunter_12 Nov. 25 11.23

All this had to happen for this scene below.

ScreenHunter_08 Nov. 25 11.21

I stand by this post’s title. There’s nothing green about it, but it absolutely reeks
of greed, pure and simple.

So do like I do. When you hear that something is green, don’t believe it until you
check it out. Nowadays I hear green energy, I think “greedy energy.” Until I get
the proof otherwise, and I will be the judge of that.

There was no need for Green to have been run from her home which was paradise on earth
which you will see if you watch this free download film. I believe you will be horrified as I
was. This old heart of mine is pretty hardened, but it was softened by the events that transpired in this film.
ScreenHunter_13 Nov. 25 11.42

Watch it and weep.

And come away with an appreciation of the true sacrifices asked of the least amongst us, for the betters amongst us to continue their profligate ways.

Check out the films website and watch the movie here.

Really makes me proud to be a member of the human race.