Friday, November 5, 2010

Here’s something to start your weekend: from BrightSource Energy, their youtube video of the groundbreaking ceremony at Ivanpah.

Presented here on the backporch without editorial comment, that will come later. In my opinion,
you folks need to see both sides of this coin.

See for yourself, you know what’s been going on, my readers are not “sheeple.” By the way, that’s
the new sheriff in town, Kennie Salazar in the cowboy hat, the big muscular guy to his right is the
governator in what I hope will be one of his last public appearances as governor.

Hasta la vista, baby! Sorry I promised no editorial comment, guess I just couldn’t help myself!

A note to my readers, I am getting out of the funk that the Ivanpah situation may
have engendered within me, maybe the walk in the wilderness helped me more than
I thought, now I probably will be heading up to Ivanpah sooner rather than later.