Monday, November 29, 2010

Let the “Goring of the Green Ox” begin.

First I wish to thank the Mojave Desert Blog for bringing this news story entitled
”Big polluters freed from environmental oversight by stimulus” to my attention.
The article was put out by the Center for Public Integrity(something this blogger feels
has been sorely lacking in this renewable energy fast-tracked process at both state
and federal levels) and was written by investigative journalists Kristen Lombardi and John
Solomon. Among others, the article highlights the BrightSource Energy deal at Ivanpah as
well as British Petroleum of Gulf Oil Spill fame, among many other major corporations.

I won’t repeat the whole article here, but I would like to point out that the article provides
the details for what I and other bloggers and desert activists have been saying all along,
that the process has definitely been rigged in favor of the corporations, and against the
environment all along. There has just been a feeling from the beginning of my involvement
in this struggle, a feeling held by me, and voiced by others, some way before me, that it
didn’t matter what was said by us or others against these projects, somehow it just seemed that the deck was stacked against us and that nobody was listening on the government

Now this article proves conclusively in my opinion, that we were right all along.

This democratic administration that many longed for, including myself, was going to right
all the environmental wrongs of past administrations, especially GWB, finally the environment
would come out ahead. Based on the experience of the Clinton administration where President
Clinton created a couple of national monuments in the desert area, we weren’t being overly
naive to expect good things from the Obama administration.

Man were we in for a rude awakening! From the appointment of the new sheriff, Ken Salazar
as head of the Department of the Interior, up till right now, we have had our noses rubbed
rudely into the fact that this administration doesn’t give a damn about the environment.
That is my firmly held opinion based on looking at the way things have played out with this
regime against the environment, I believe I am stating an inconvenient truth, and they
are going to keep on screwing the land under the guise of clean, green energy until the
people wake up and stop them.

Another slow to come realization that has finally hit me like a ton of bricks, is that the “people”
just don’t care or don’t know or don’t have the time to worry about these matters of nature
preservation- they are holding on for dear life trying to preserve their status quo, to
not end up sleeping in their cars or on the streets, as their jobs and whole way of
life gets outsourced away, by processes totally beyond their control.

One thing about me that you guys may have figured out already is that I don’t have a problem
with taking help from somebody, even a potential enemy, if it suits me or fits into my plans.
So I am proposing a radical idea for a liberal democrat.

I propose that the new House of Representatives when it is seated after the first of the year,
launch major hearings into the findings of this article, including the waiving of NEPA standards
repeatedly by this administration, to help out these grossly polluting corporations, who have
gorged at the public trough long enough, especially now that we know they are the beneficiaries of major coddling and largess by this democratic administration. I may not be a
constitutional professor like our president or an environmental expert like those,say, at the
NRDC, but I can recognize foul play and a rigged system when I see it, and evidently so can
the top notch investigators at the Center for Public Integrity.

It is the backporch opinion to let the hearings begin, and go on, and go on, and go on, no
matter whose green ox gets gored, until they get to the bottom of this scam, and
collect all the names and details, so that all can be aired to the cleansing sunshine
of the light of day, and all can be made part of the public record. Only then can we
finally bring some sanity and force feed some humility onto these arrogant bastards
that I helped elect to power.

In my opinion, crimes may have been committed here. If nothing else, the executive branch
seems totally out of control, thwarting the will of the people, as expressed by the legislature
in the form of the NEPA laws, it’s time the Congress weighed in on this issue, and clipped some
executive branch wings in the process. Last time I looked, the Congress per our constitution,
is a co-equal branch of government, and it’s time that they started acting like it.

I, for one, have no issue with using the Tea Partier’s and the Republicans in pursuit of my
goal, if it will save the Mojave and other deserts from what I feel is about to be the most
devastating events in their long history, one man-made driven by greed and ambition, cloaked in sanctimonious and pious rhetoric about carbon buildup. I also understand that deep down the repub’s and the TP’ers don’t care deeply about the deserts but they absolutely feel very strongly that they want to take down this administration, to knock it from it’s high horse, if they accomplish that goal, that will accomplish our goal of stopping these desert ruining projects- heh look, the president is so busy stabbing his liberal supporters in the back, why can’t we return the favor? I say stick it to him, just like he and his minions are doing 24 hours a day against our environment, and against us.

That’s my opinion. I know it’s going to piss off a whole bunch of you readers. Sorry but you
are seeing a side of me rarely seen, one quite frankly some of my friends need to adopt,
something the other side excels in politically, to paraphrase and re-use a great conservative
leader’s saying, “being brutal in your arguments is no vice in pursuit of a noble goal.”
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