Friday, November 26, 2010

NRDC+SIME DARBY= A Greenwashing match, their heaven, earth’s hell.

First allow me to introduce the betrothed starting with the groom, Sime Darby. Clicking on
the orange word will take you to this international conglomerate’s web site which I must admit is one of the better ones that I have ever come across. Breathtaking in its’ ability
to hide a basic fact, this company which is the largest owner of palm oil plantations in the
whole wide world, the Darby companies have been the undisputed champions in the raping
and plundering of the world’s rainforests to meet their insatiable need for profits!
Undisputed! No one is better at it, and they even have the unmitigated gall to call
themselves “leaders in sustainable energy development.” Look at the website, it’s all there.

A note dear readers, I actually have their website’s opening page in a different tab so I can
listen to the jungle sounds, to put me in the mood to write this, never mind the fact that their
plantations have virtually none due to the lack of plant diversity, when you clear cut and burn
all that fell, running off the birds and mammals and reptiles, etc and replace them with oil
palms, kind of like the “pine tree farms” back home in Georgia, there’s not much left, and what is left, doesn’t attract much wildlife.

Continuing, this Sime Darby, using the huge money generated by the plantations, has
diversified into healthcare, car building, “green energy”, and other pursuits, making money
hand over fist, you know they have gone legit, like what Michael Corleone wanted to do with
Don Vito’s mob after he assumed leadership. They have become legit, and people like me, a
”little pissant blogger” keep bringing up an “inconvenient truth” that the whole facade they
have created stinks, make that reeks to high heaven, of hypocrisy, the most malevolent
rapers of rainforest on the whole planet, wrapping themselves in the cloak of green
, which now brings us to the point where the bride comes in to the ceremony.

Ah, the good, old NRDC or the Natural Resources Defense Council, where have longtime
readers heard that name? Weren’t they the group that is taking “no position” on the Ivanpah
SEGS power project, long written of here by this “little piss ant blogger”, which we now know
per their own admission, is because one of their staff, a certain Bobby Kennedy, Jr is involved
with a venture capital firm that has an interest in that project. Plus as you have heard many
times before, their own Johanna Wald and now their own Carl Zichella, helped craft the rules
that when promulgated,virtually guaranteed the raping and pillaging of our Mojave
Desert, which let me be the first to tell you, has begun in earnest, and don’t you
think messr’s Wald and Zichella are proud? Their wish has become our command, in the form of our government ignoring us, and only listening to them.

So you might wonder what in the hell do the betrothed have in common , how did they get
together? Well it seems the NRDC isn’t content just to be screwing us here in the southwest,
they have bigger fish to fry and branched out long ago to become bad, worldwide, as the song
goes. Now this is complicated, so pay attention to what follows.

There is something called the HECO-NRDC agreement where the Hawaiian Electric Company
needed to obtain a certain percentage of a green fuel to burn to produce a certain percentage
of so called “green energy” for their portfolio. Does that sound familiar? Sounds like California
AB32 where the state needs to get a substantial percentage of green energy for its’ portfolio
and that’s why our deserts are in the crosshairs of development right now. So HECO needed
to get a fuel source and that’s where the NRDC stepped in. They had developed a “sustained
production policy” where palm oil growers could certify the oils were from sustainable sources.
Basically the NRDC accord as I understand it, counts heavily on the growers doing their own
certifying, which is akin to the fox allowing himself to provide security for the henhouse, if you
know what I mean.

But it gets better, trust me. Sime Darby, very astutely knew that they had a worsening
reputation as things stood, and founded the “Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil”
which I admit has a nice, green ring to it and got the NRDC to develop the standards for
what constitutes “sustainable palm oil” and guess what, according to the NRDC, Sime Darby’s
palm oil is sustainable, at least enough to send a million gallons of it to Hawaii.

This caused an uproar amongst some environmental groups including the Sierra Club’s Maui
chapter and others. Overseas in Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo etc, the local groups that
are against the taking of their rainforests for palm oil plantations, must not only feel outrage
but betrayal as well, after all the NRDC is supposedly among the “greenest of the greens.”

To me personally, this is just another example of the crass hypocrisy of some of the largest
environmentalist groups, professing to be so concerned about the environment but really
not wanting to offend their large corporate donors, such as Sime Darby, and in effect
enabling them in their mission to rape the planet in pursuit of profit. I can’t prove it,yet,
but I’ve been around long enough to know the stench of corruption, and this deal reeks to high

It really puts things into perspective also doesn’t it? No wonder these groups don’t want to get involved in saving the Mojave, if they don’t give a damn about saving the rainforests and the
peat rainforests, why the hell would they care about the desert. It is just business as usual to

Here is the latest target of the Sime Darby’s and their ilk- the swampy peat rain forests, which
they want to rip and burn the trees from and plant more of the african oil palms.Here is an
undisputable little factoid for you, if they develop the 3% peat forests in the tropics remaining, that act will release into the atmosphere enough carbon as what is burned at our high rate now, an amount equal to 75 years worth! And the NRDC is enabling this kind of destruction by playing footsie with the industrialists, making and tweaking the “sustainability” standards, just like they did setting the rules and standards in the current desert debacle.

I stand by these words and if they want to sue me, go ahead you sons of bitches,
make my day.

There are many groups over on the other side of the world who are fighting on behalf of the native peoples who are cheated and lied out of their ancestral lands, who lose it all, often their lives, trying to stop these modern day three piece suited rich bastards. These groups
keep on fighting despite the best efforts of the world’s carbonmentalist groups efforts to
marginalize them.

Here is an example of just how complicated the briefcase toting bandits make it. There is
an agreement called REDD, or Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation.

Sounds real good doesn’t it? It sure is a mouthful. But guess one way the industrialists have
written this to leave a giant loophole big enough to drive a logging truck through- they equate
a real functioning rainforest with- you guessed it, a palm oil plantation! After all they are both full of trees, right? Never mind the fact the animals will be killed or run off in the process.
Really makes you proud to be human doesn’t it?

You know in the Woody Guthrie song “Pretty Boy Floyd,”it was sung that some will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen. I say be worried more nowadays by those that
toss around their spreadsheets and math models predicting the world’s demise if carbon
reduction goals aren’t met, and that we need to sacrifice our wild places to prevent that carbon buildup by means of mirrors and windmills, because on the one hand here they are
preaching one thing, and around on the other side of the globe, they are enabling some of the biggest environmental rapists in history, to clear cut some of the great sequesters of carbon, the last remaining rain forests, and in the process rid the earth of many, many plant and animal species, and rapidly accelerate the global warming process, which if I remember was
what these groups were concerned about in the first place.

Here are a few links of interest for your weekend reading:

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And a video which shows the devastation caused in Indonesia by the deforestation of
6 football field size rainforest every minute of every hour, day after day, in that

Watch the video and look at a few of the links and I am sure that you will agree with my post, this is truly an outrage being committed to our environment, over there and here in this country.