Saturday, November 6, 2010

A place to tread lightly. “A year in the desert: Anza-Borrego”. Watch this short film here and be awed by the desert’s grandeur.

But first, let me tell you how I came across this gem. I went back to an article that I had made a comment
on. This morning, I returned to the article and looked through the comments made after mine, one that
immediately got my interest and made me almost spill my coffee, was written by Ms. Overby who works
for the Nevada Wilderness Project. I googled them and her, and was really impressed by the work they
are doing, check them out by clicking on their link, top left this site page.

Anyway, the google search came up with a list of videos that were shown at an event hosted by the
Nevada Wilderness Project. I tracked that lead down and found this video. Oh my God, I am so grateful
for this. This short 14 minute video just perfectly illustrates what I feel now, have felt, and will continue
to feel about the so-called desolate deserts. Until now, the only other video with such an effect on me, was
the short video presented at Kelso Depot at the Mojave National Preserve park headquarters, which I
own and have blogged about here.

This film points out another short coming of mine, I have never visited Anza- Borrego, never.

That is an oversight that will be corrected soon, I assure you dear readers.

Folks, not to give away too much here, you will be up close and personal with Nelson Big Horn sheep,
desert tortoises, coyotes, mountain lions and their kittens, tarantulas, and others- plus the wide ranging
plants and a desert landscape that will just blow you away, to use an over used trite expression, but not
this time. This film and the landscape and its’ inhabitants, are that special.

Enjoy this as much as I did. Here is the direct link to the Vimeo page for the video, you can also watch it
at that page, and leave a comment for the film maker, as I did.

A Year in the Desert: Anza-Borrego from Chris Pyle on Vimeo.

Fundraising video for the Anza-Borrego Foundation

Please consider supporting the work of the Anza- Borrego Foundation.

An awed and inspired and newly invigorated,