Friday, November 12, 2010

Since when did free speech mean you can videotape crushing a kitty or puppy and sell it on the internet? Since April this year thanks to Johnnie Roberts and the “supremes!”

Many, many thanks to one of my readers who emailed this information to me.

A law was drafted during the Clinton administration that was aimed to shutdown
the production and sale of these gruesome videos. Note, warning there will be a graphic message from your blogger right now- - - - -

I have never heard of this before receiving the email yesterday. At first, I thought it
was an internet myth, but I checked out the link to an animal cruelty site and did a
little more investigation, before I answered the person’s email. Yes, it never fails to
amaze me, the absolute depths of depravity that some walking, talking pieces
of crap that are called human, can sink too. And the people who view this and
get sexually aroused by this garbage, are just as bad. If they didn’t buy it, not
as much of this violence porn would be made.

Evidently our Supreme Court, those paragons of solomonic wisdom, decided the law was
overly broad and voted 8-1, that it was unconstitutional, overbroad, and now the torture
and filming is going on with unbridled glee and gusto by the “film makers.”

Let me say right now in no uncertain terms what I think about this: I believe the
makers of these snuff films and their audience need their sorry asses beat until
their nose’s bleed. And that’s too good for them, snuff is a word that comes to my
mind. Freedom of speech issue? You got to be shitting me! What assholes!

How can we act to stop this trade? There is a bill that needs one more vote before it can
be sent to the president for signature,H.R. 5566. One more congressman needs to vote for
this and it can be declared the law of the land, and we can finally put these sons of bitches
out of business. Maybe they’ll relocate to Singapore and get caught and receive about 20
strokes on their backsides with a brine soaked rattan cane, wielded by a brawny martial
arts expert. Now that’s a video I would pay good money to see, now you’re talking.

Please consider emailing, writing or calling your congressman to help pass HR 5566
and stop the crushing of defenseless animals so that some real “sick puppies” can
get their sexual jollies.

Here is a photograph taken by me with my cell phone. It is my girl friend’s two cats- one
male and one female. They are like members of her family. They are loved, I love these
cats. To think that somebody would want to crush them and film it, and that others would
get off watching it, makes my blood boil. I swear to God, I would really hurt somebody
who intentionally hurt or killed these 2 cats. I swear it. They say revenge tastes best served
cold, but I’d settle for immediacy in this instance.

Folks, I’m sorry for losing it here tonight, but I am not changing one word of this post.
We are pretty far gone as a nation if we can’t stop something that is this depraved, and
barbaric from happening. And if this is the best our government can do, get a law thrown
out by the “supremes” and take this damn long to rewrite it, what do the snuff film purveyors
have that powerful a lobbying group?


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