Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talk about timing! Here’s a new film about the usage of sacred sites for renewable energy on native american lands by film maker Robert Lundahl.

The release of this film yesterday, was just after the election day lawsuit being
filed on behalf of the Quechan Indians, whose sacred and cultural heritage sites will be
obliterated by the Imperial Solar Project as approved by the California Energy Commission
and the DOIBLM. It is a 27 minute film and can be downloaded, it is around 185 megabyte
file size.

The film is entitled: “The killing of Kokopelli: Why the BLM allows large solar development on native sacred sites.” This is a raw and unedited interview with
Jim Guerra, of the La Cuna de Aztlán Sacred Sites Protection Circle. He was formerly the
Los Angeles City Planner.

This film will educate you on just what is at stake out in the Blythe area where around
7000 acres will be scraped in preparation for the solar development.

or watch here on this page.

THE KILLING OF KOKOPELLI: Why the BLM Allows Large Solar Development on Native Sacred Sites. from Robert Lundahl on Vimeo.

Film Maker Robert Lundahl's raw, unedited interview with former Los Angeles City Planner, Jim Guerra, La Cuna de Aztlán Sacred Sites Protection Circle, on endangered sacred sites, and the BLM's failure to consult with tribes in permitting Large Solar Development. ©2010 Robert Lundahl, Freshwater Bay Pictures, LLC.