Monday, November 15, 2010

To those with a talent in web site design, and of a philanthropic nature, with an interest in saving the deserts.

Late addition to the post: If anyone knows of website design software that is easy to use,
meaning you don’t need to know html or css etc, that doesn’t have a steep learning curve,
and is reasonable- ideally 75$ or less, that you have used and can vouch for, please email me or post a comment with the name and where to buy. There are a lot of products out there
and I can’t afford to buy them all.

I have re-thought this post and have decided that I was asking too much from people, send
me a name for really good and easy to use software and I’ll use it to revamp this blog, and just try to put on the web, what I have envisioned.

Bottom line, I am not going to ask anyone to do what I should try 1st, but having no coding
experience, it will be easier to accomplish with help right out of the box!

The rest of this post has a link to a site that I have in mind to emulate, if possible.

May I suggest a project for your spare time?

First, let me say that while doing research yesterday for a possible post on the absurdity
of cutting down carbon sequestering forests to be burned up in new renewable energy
biomass plants, I came across a very interesting website for an environmental activist
group opposing biomass plants in New England, an activist group that was successful
in stopping any more commercial biomass incineration plants from being built
in Massachusetts. A fantastic achievement, and one I would like to see happen
here in southern California in regards to wind and solar on pristine habitat.

Here is the website I am talking about.

I believe that a site like this is desperately needed out here, one that is hard hitting and
a little more cutting edge to get the young people’s interest and to help hold it. But not
so far advanced that the average person’s web browser or computer can’t display it. One
that can be integrated easily with the new social medium, in my wildest dreams, our
message would go viral and the server would crash—sigh—I guess I can dream.
teutonia peak hike-mnp 059
Overlooking the Mojave National Preserve from the Teutonia Peak trail on a cold day this year.

Again for the umpteenth time, this idea is just being floated out there, there are many
others who have spent years fighting for the environment on the frontlines that are more
than welcome to lead this struggle, I just see an opportunity here from the cheap seats
that might have merit.

If anyone has thoughts on this, please email them to me. Please indicate in your email if
I may publish it here, with credit to you being given.


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