Sunday, November 14, 2010

What do $30,000,000 of your tax dollars buy in renewable energy development? See pic inside. Plus, peaceful protest today and tomorrow on behalf of the Quechan Indian tribe and their fight against big solar.

Pad on 9-1-09
This is all there is to a 30,000,000$ tax credit to help build a biomass plant. Boy, somebody got scammed!

I have been reading up on some of the biomass schemes proposed out here in the
western United States by some of the renewable energy promoters. Of course my
interest has been kindled by the recent gubernatorial debate in Nevada, where
the democratic candidate, Rory Reid, son of Harry the Great, proposed chopping
down and chipping up the Basin state’s vast juniper/ pinyon pine forests.

Speaking of those types of forests, there was a $30,000,000 State of New Mexico
tax credit which was given out to Western Water and Power Production, LLC for the
building of a biomass renewable energy plant which would burn those very forests
as its’ “biomass source.” Evidently the company missed the 24 month deadline to
begin producing “clean, renewable energy.” So the company which had been sitting
on the money for all that time has to give it back. No word yet on the backporch, if
the dough has been returned to the state treasury, judging by the above example of
the work done, this might be the only concrete results for where the money was

Well, it’s to be expected, I guess. This type of result is something that has been expected
and feared on the backporch for a long time. Now here we are talking about 30 million bucks,
just imagine the billions of dollars that the feds are tossing around like confetti.
The potential for fraud and abuse is simply mindboggling when you consider all the boon-
doggles that are planned just for California.

This is a big issue and has many proponents in the government bureaucracy, among them
the current head of the U.S.Forest Service, Tom Tidwell. And of course, don’t forget the
Reid boys, Papa and baby boy. The thought that to save the planet from global warming,
that we must chop down the trees which sequester the carbon, to burn those same trees,
releasing said carbon and other toxic gases, in order to save the planet from more carbon buildup- am I missing something here, or is it about the dumbest thing that you
have ever heard? Somebody’s got way too much time on their hands, and have
been massaging the hell out of their carbon spreadsheet’s erroneous zones.

That’s why I don’t call them environmentalists anymore, the wacko’s who promote this sort
of hogwash, they are carbonmentalists now, first and foremost, willing to sacrifice any
place or thing, if it will only fit somewhere in their math models and spreadsheets, and
allegedly reducing the carbon.

Here are a couple of sites that might interest you:
Very interesting photo here of New England forests that were clear cut to feed the biomass plants.
A hard-headed look at biomass.

Just a few interesting articles to look over this last day of your weekend, while I am driving
muy bus tonight, you can be figuring out how to save the planet.

One other thing, it’s too late to get there today, but tomorrow is the last day for the peaceful
protest out at the site of the Imperial solar proposed plant, a protest supporting the Quechan
Indian tribe’s lawsuit opposing the project. Details can be found here. If my work has me on call tomorrow, I’ll be there. Lately though work has picked up, I am pretty sure I am on the schedule for tomorrowSad smile


Late addition. Just so we’re clear, I totally oppose these schemes such as those in
New England where they are clearcutting forests and sending them right to the woodchippers, and proposals such as that from Reid the younger.

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