Friday, December 17, 2010

“An ancient voice speaks out against war”- as appropriate now as when uttered over 100 years ago.

Chris Floyd has a remarkable post over at his blog entitled "Bethink yourselves!: An Ancient Voice Raised Against Modern Evil.” In my opinion this article is a must read for all people
of good will, and for those who have the slightest doubt that we are following the correct
path with our overseas wars.

I commented on the article and here is what I wrote:

These times are the precursor of far worst years to come. I believe men's lives will become ever more brutish, as the world races down to reach the lowest common denominator. We are literally the walking dead and don't know it.
Being both financially and spiritually bankrupt, our only answer to everything it seems is physical domination and destruction, which can be seen from our attempted subjugation of the people of the middle east, to our own political system, and yes, to how we treat the least amongst us.
Having come to the mistaken belief that we are the worlds' chosen people, we cannot figure out why everyone else on the planet keeps on defying our God given will- don't they know not to try to mess with the plan?
In keeping with a universal principle long known to the rest of the world, one day soon I fear we will find out just exactly how the rest of humanity has long felt, once that proverbial shoe is upon the other foot and starts administering the ass kicking that we so truly need and deserve for the outrages we have committed in search of our global hegemony. “

Mr. Floyd’s post is about a warning from Leo Tolstoy in 1904, talking about war then, which
applies just the same today. Back then, as he eloquently states, men were recruited by the hundreds of thousands, and killed each other with abandon by the hundreds of thousands, but
at least then, you usually saw who you were fighting and killing.

Now of course, with our drone warfare, men with joysticks in Nevada, can rain unheard of
fire and brimstone down from the skies on helpless men, women, and children halfway around the globe, all in this misguided war on terrorism, tearing limb from little limb, and
guaranteed to create as many or more people who will hate us for killing their families and friends, than we killed. I bet if the truth was known, and I guarantee it will never come out unless another brave soul leaks the details, we kill innocents the vast majority of the time.
That is my opinion, and in the absence of real truthful information to the contrary from our
government, I believe this opinion is just as valid as anyone else’s.

This drone warfare, at the core, is utterly and completely dishonorable, and a violation
of the many thousand years old warrior’s code, where you fought face to face and were victorious in battle or killed
. It is really amazing to me, how this country went from
being injured by a few men with boxcutters to heaping untold of death and destruction on the rest of the innocent populations in Iraq and Afghanistan and now, Pakistan.

Will this madness ever cease?

The one word answer is NO, it won’t.

Our ruling elites in both parties have decided, in their infinite wisdom, that endless war overseas is our destiny. You might as well get used to it. One day when enough young
people figure out that they are the new age cannon fodder, they’ll quit joining up and then
the draft will have to be reinstated. Don’t laugh, ye of little faith, it’s coming one day soon
as the elites come to the conclusion that they can do anything, take anything, kill anyone,
steal anything- and the american sheeple will just sit in front of their tv sets, drinking their
beer, and watching the latest “Dancing with the stars.”

I stand by my comment I made, if it pisses some of you off, great! As a people and a
nation, it is time, there is still time, to take our measure and decide- are we going
to collapse like every other empire before us, or can we take our republic back,
back from the elites, and go back to the old days where we minded our own business and attempt to rebuild this country, before it is too late.
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That’s the view here from the backporch, a frosty and bleak one at the moment, but as they
used to say in the old days,”hope springs eternal!”



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