Sunday, December 5, 2010

The backporch would like to honor a great environmentalist, Mr. Rabary Desiré of Madagascar.

Who is also the recipient of the 2010 Seacology Award for exceptional achievement
in conserving the environment and culture on the island of Madagascar. I will write more
but I suggest that you first watch these two videos honoring this truly, one of a kind man,
a man self taught, who has and is accomplishing great things for his local people and
environment. The first video is from Seacology, an organization dedicated to conservation
of the world’s 100,000 islands. This video I recommend that you view at the 720 dpi

This video talks about Mr. Desiré’s achievement and highlights the area.

This second video is Mr. Desiré’s remarks accepting the award at Berkeley, California
inside the David Brower building, a fitting and altogether proper place for the ceremony
to be held. I believe that this man follows in Mr. Brower’s footsteps and is a living
legacy to Mr. Brower’s ideals. You will too once you learn more about Mr. Desiré; if
you haven’t noticed, there is a wonderful quote from Mr. Desiré at the top of this page,
where it will remain as long as this blog exists, as a reminder to all of what is
capable, if we just care, and persist in trying to do good- for the environment
and for ourselves.

Mr. Desiré accepting the award, and doing great vocalizations from the rainforest.

For the longest time, I have been wanting to write a post like this, in honor of someone
just like most of us, working a job, but accomplishing amazing results on behalf of the
local environment. This man is such an individual.

There will be links at the end of this article for further information about the man and his
great works, let me just say that he singlehandedly created a private nature reserve called
the Antanetiambo Nature Reserve which you can visit online here. Over the years using
money earned as a guide in the national parks, he bought up forest land, little by little,
saving it from logging and poaching, in an area which is very poor, and where people
use up the forests just to survive.

This nature reserve would be a remarkable achievement here in the United States, but
in Madagascar, is beyond the ability of most to comprehend as even being remotely
possible, much less to actually accomplish. He has done this despite attempts to stop him
or to illegally use the forest. It takes a lot of courage to practice conservation, when all
around, people are eyeing the reserve with the idea of using it to put food on their children’s
plates. We just can’t imagine that kind of commitment  nowadays in the first world, much
less in the third world.

A little about the man himself. He is self taught, has personally tasted the 100 or so plants
that the main species, the silky sifalka eats, does amazing vocalizations of the various animals
found in his forest reserve and other places, also works as a research assistant, and lives
with other family members in a 2 room house, with little in the way of possessions.

But he is full of spirit and of a love for the region and its’ environment, including its’ lesser
inhabitants, a joy for learning and giving and helping, that makes the observer’s own
heart soar, and rejoice that perhaps there is still hope for us and this planet, if such as a
man as this exists. Thank you Mr. Desiré for proving this by your example, and for what
you have done and will continue to do for your region and country, despite the high odds
against you.

The Seacology prize is for a sum of 10,000 american dollars, which will all go toward
purchasing and saving more forest to be added to the nature reserve.

Congratulations for the award, sir, and we wish you continued success with your nature
reserve and the valuable work that you are doing. Your fine example will stand as a testament
to the good,man can do for this planet that we all call home.

Here is further reading:

Courage and commitment, do not seem like hollow words, when spoken about this man.



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