Wednesday, December 8, 2010

He was taken from us 30 years ago today but the dream lives on.

John Lennon may have left us then but his legacy of music and activism for
world peace live on. Both messages are timeless but the need for peace has
never been greater it seems.

Everywhere you look are wars and rumors of war. From the Korean peninsula
to the middle east to the mountains of Afghanistan, shells have been exploding,
rockets have been fired, old folks and little children have been blown apart, limb
from little limb, some via joystick thousands of miles away. War is being sanitized
for some of the participants, and has become even more horrific for the innocents.

If ever there was a time “to give peace a chance”, it is now.

I an sorry to say this, but I am not sure that peace has a chance. Some call me a pessimist
and maybe they are right, would God that there would be peace, something John longed
for and did all he could to bring about, but I feel, like the ancient greeks said, “that
only the dead have seen the end of war.”

John was taken from us and his family 30 years ago in a horrible way, as were John
Kennedy, his brother Bobby, Medgar, and Martin, and the world is a lot worse off for
their loss. In their memory, can the rest of us try to honor their memories by giving
peace a chance?

Here is a video of one of my favorite songs by John Lennon.

The song begins about 30 seconds into this video.

The tears started flowing watching this video.

John we miss you and wish you were here with us now.

To Yoko, God bless you and we wish you continued good health and strength in
life’s journey, and hope that John’s legacy continues.


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