Friday, December 3, 2010

I guess Madison County, Indiana bureaucrats don’t have enough to do, they gotta evict some old guy from camping on his OWN land! Video here.

Watch this and see how you feel about it.

His 36+ acres, his camper, county says gotta go!

They say it is unsanitary because he has no septic or no sewer or no water.

Did anyone else notice that this is a camper, and they have tanks you can dump?
And water tanks you can fill? lots of folks live in campers out in the country and
run appliances off of battery power.
anderson-trailer_20101130222517_320_240Mr. Dick Thompson near his home located on HIS LAND.

This is a case that cries out for one of the individual rights groups such as the ACLU
to get involved with, pretty soon if the economy keeps spiraling downward, millions
more might be living in campers.

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the cavalry to ride to his rescue anytime soon.

Amerika, land of the new TSA gestapo, and home of the merciless, see all bureaucrats.

F--- ‘em!


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