Saturday, December 4, 2010

Madison County got its’ wish, Dick Thompson is gone from his land, but by no means is this fight over.

Great story over at the Peoples Voice website entitled "Elderly man evicted from his land for living off the grid."

This article mentions a few salient facts to the discussion that were not mentioned in previous
news articles such as that the planning commission has the authority to waive water/sewer
requirements but refused to do so in this case. The obvious question for all the folks
that are planning to crash the next county meeting to ask is why not, what was so
egregious about this man’s living situation, what were the circumstances in previous waivers issued by the county in the past?

Another interesting set of facts brought up by this article is the recent checkered past of one
of the county commissioners which include past foreclosure proceedings against him as well as
a recent arrest for beating up his own daughter! I guess Mr. Thompson is lucky that
this commissioner didn’t make a private visit to his property, eh? He might have
made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse, if you get my drift.

Per my reading of the article, he has been evicted, I don’t know if the sheriff came out or
not, and he may have been made an offer for the property or entered into a sales agreement
of some sort.

The man is 72 years old. He just wanted to be left alone with his animals, his land, and his
camper. This case has major significance nationwide not just in Indiana. There are a lot of
folks living off the grid in places from Terlingua, Texas to the Ozarks in Arkansas and Missouri,
just to name a couple of places that I am familiar with. Do all those folks need to start
worrying that the local planning commissions have them in their sights? I would start thinking
about what to do if and when their lawyers come to visit.

He’s gone now, was it the outhouse?

I understand the man had an outhouse on his property. Wow! Give him the lethal injection
for that. Folks, let me tell you something, there have been outhouses as long as I can remember, my grandmothers on both sides had outhouses until the 1960’s. It was a fact of
life for most of the history of this country. Get over it, and move on. Hell, big corporations and even bigger government have been using our land as a gigantic outhouse for decades
and are still getting caught today at it.

In my opinion though, all these issues aside, the biggest thing that will resonate with a lot
of average people are the personal rights issues that are being eroded away by these
faceless bureaucrats. This is an issue that will be easy to understand, really a no brainer,
something that will definitely be jumped all over by mainstream and fringe groups involved
with politics as well as those who have become part of the return to nature, off grid movement.

Too bad I couldn’t be in Indiana when the next county meeting occurs, I would love to
watch that meeting. To those that do go, give them hell and thanks for standing up for Mr. Thompson.