Monday, December 13, 2010

New York Times article on Ron Paul- thoughts on keeping your freedom of speech rights leading to a major R rated rant.

The article is entitled”Rep. Ron Paul, GOP loner, comes in from the cold” and it
can be read here.

Just in case my comment doesn’t get published, I will repeat it here:

I posted his video where he defended Wikileaks the other day to my blog.

I can not recall ever seeing a politician making such a speech, totally out of step with the mob mentality currently in place regarding Assange,

this was truly a \"profile in courage.\"

I believe most folks are sick and tired of these blow dried air heads that really look good on camera, until they start talking.

Here is a man putting himself out there, year after year, a lone man unafraid to show his warts, not trying to put on airs, a real old time man of conviction, used to swimming against the tide of conventional wisdom, a tortoise plodding his way through all the hares, getting closer to the goal, a little at a time.

We need more men and women like this, sure of themselves, willing to talk and to reason, uncaring of the latest poll results- we have let the other types run things, look what it has got us to, we have become the world's bully and policeman, afraid that the rest of the world may figure out the truth, that we have no real principles and can barely find two nickels to rub together.

I am a liberal and proud of it, but despite that, or maybe because of it, I really like this man Ron Paul and wish him the best and continued good health to stand up for what he believes in.

Bill Mcdonald”

Listen folks, let me talk to some of you who are not bloggers or writers, maybe you are
lurkers who go from place to place reading things, or maybe you go to sites that you may
be in general agreement with the point of view that is expressed.

I posted my comments for a reason, to show you that it is okay to make comments online, to
put yourselves out there with your opinions, despite what friends or family might tell you, that
you are drawing attention to yourself or that it doesn’t do any good, etc. I have heard those
remarks and have even thought on occasion that it might not do any good, but so what? We
still have freedom of speech in this country and if people don’t like what you say, so what, too
bad, or as we used to see back home, tough shit! It is called freedom of speech, use it or lose it.

Everywhere I look, I see freedoms being eroded right in front of my eyes. Who would have
dreamed that we would be throwing around the words- homeland security- that’s a word
that was bandied about by the communists and nazi’s wasn’t it? Now that’s an
agency of the United States government? And aren’t they the ones who are busy
getting off on rubbing the family jewels of the flying American public and leering at
their xray screens in the airports?

It seems you can’t do anything anymore without running afoul of one administrative regulation or the other, such as the 72 year old man evicted from his own land for the crime of living off the grid. Or you want to raise some alarm bells- try to fly one way somewhere, just show up with no reservation and then try to pay with cash. Don’t be surprised if the agents take you into custody when your plane lands, and interrogate you for hours. And
confiscate your money, then telling you to sue them to get it back. If you don’t believe me
google it, look it up, it’s true.

At this point in my life, I have just about had it with the way things are going. Here we are
all around the world, kicking asses and taking names, because we are so scared, scared of
our own damned shadows it seems, all because we can’t keep our big noses out of everyone
else’s business, and when a group of men, armed with box cutters, slips through our vaunted
multi-billion dollar security networks and wrecks havoc on our cities, we use that as an excuse
to spend even more billions of dollars with now 3 going on 4 wars, no closer to winning, and
leaving a horrendous devastation in our wake, guar-damned-teed to create even more hatred
for us, sure to appear as payback in some unanticipated way by the commissars supposedly
looking after us all- then that will necessitate spending even more billions that we don’t have,
a vicious circle jerk that has no end till we stop spending and meddling out of sheer exhaustion.

Then to top it all off, like a cherry on top of the shitpot served to us like a dessert, our president, the backstabber-in-chief, goes out and makes a deal to give our masters a
wonderful gift filled stocking in the form of tax cuts, which I predict in an election year next
time will be made permanent, and for the rest of us, a stocking with a few lumps of coal,
in the form of a few bones tossed to the unemployed, and a trojan horse “tax holiday” for
social security, which is the first step in the longed for by the right, gutting of social security,
the most successful government program in our countries history, I think I am finally starting
to get it, there can not be a good government program to some folks,period, so they do everything they can to sabotage it, welcome to Amerika, land of the drones and chickenhawk
laptop warriors, may they rot in hell for their perfidy and scheming.

This post started as a few thoughts on free speech, but as you can see, my demons got the better of me, and it turned into a major rant, but a rant which I feel needed to be said, perhaps not in such an impolite and impolitic way- and yes I am using those words correctly-
I apologize for offending some of you, but you can only take so much sometimes.

Freedom of speech, one of our God given rights, but in my opinion, a right that
has never been in as much danger as now, just about to be extinguished by our
so-called elected officials, in the guise of national, homeland security, unless we use it or lose it, folks.

That’s the word from the backporch.Steaming mad



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