Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Obama administration and the lame duck congress, how’s that hopey-changey thing working out for you?

Great, if your address happens to be on Wall Street or if you clip bond coupons
for a living. Or perhaps you work for the defense department or one of their billion dollar
contractors- ka ching! Maybe you work for big oil&gas or coal, ka ching! Or perhaps
a giant renewable energy firm, ka ching, ka ching!

Perhaps you work for one of the large carbonmentalist groups that are aiding and
abetting in the destruction of the Mojave Desert,
I mean involved in the process
to provide clean energy for the nation by sacrificing the deserts to save carbon buildup,
ka ching! I bet the big corporate donors just keep on giving this year, eh?

Yes, it seems quite a few elite, favored groups have been suckling quite hungrily and greedily
at the hind teats of the taxpayers all this year. And how could I forget the bankers? What
a greedy arrogant bunch they have turned out to be.
Just a year or two ago before
the Congress and the Federal Reserve bailed them out to the tune of over twenty trillion
dollars and yes I said trillions with a T, they had one foot in the boneyard and
one on a banana peel, now look at them, paying themselves billion dollar bonuses
for all that hard work that they have been doing loaning all that money to small
businesses to invest and create jobs. NOT!

My question for you readers is, how is that tarp and fed bailout working for you? How’s that hope and changey thing working out for you? All I am seeing is a lot of
money going out of our pockets and into others that are already bulging with all that loot they have stolen!

In the immortal words of singer/songwriter Tracey Chapman and I paraphrase, “poor folks
are gonna rise up and take what’s their’s”- one day. You can count on it, we may be down
now, but one thing about us poor folks, we keep getting right up. The elites better keep
that in mind. People like the “ninety niners” who got absolutely zilch from this great Obummer
tax compromise with the republicans, sure as hell ain’t gonna forget how they were tossed out
with the dirty bathwater by our backstabber-in-chief, no way in hell, no sir! And I don’t think
that they are going to stand by and watch their kids being fitted for a one size fits all refrigerator box on skid row either, which will be their destiny unless something changes.

Let me tell you guys something. As you have probably guessed, my patience has worn out
with our president. Besides doing everything in his power to singlehandedly destroy the
deserts, he has also made GW look like a piker when it comes to eroding our civil liberties
as well as further accelerating our military adventures overseas, a process that I and others
feel has gone a long way to cementing our future as a third rate power, so damned broke that
we can’t even pay attention. And pissing money away like a drunken sailor- sorry to any
sailors out there, next to Obummer and this Congress, you guys are paragons of thriftiness,
and did you hear this- they have extended the treasury grant program for renewable
energy for another year- so don’t hold your breath waiting for the threat to the deserts to ease up- it ain’t happening!

So when somebody asks how things are going, I am making a vow to tell it like it is. Just lay it
out there for all to see, warts and all. If that makes me persona non grata at all the tea parties, no pun intended, too f-----g bad.

The state of this union is terrible, for my economic status group, the average wage earner
and I don’t see it changing any time soon. And I won’t be clapping for Obummer and the dumbocrat/repubs any time soon.

As far as this blogger is concerned, they can go straight to hell.


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