Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The raping of the Ivanpah Valley- I hope the carbonmentalists responsible for this outrage are happy now as the blading begins in earnest.

You can see the photos of this most heinous of crimes against the desert environment
here and also more high resolution and aerial images here. You carbonmentalists reading these words, rush right over and get your jollies drooling over the screen as you see the
results of this dastardly action, you maybe can’t participate in the rape, but you
can get off like a voyeur looking at the bruised and battered victim.

To the rest of you readers, those of good will who have followed this story through this blog
from the beginning, those who thought as we do, that this Ivanpah Valley, this wonderful complete ecosystem, who only through an accident of history, and location, and bad timing,
was chosen by the BrightSource Energy folks, you know the B.S.er’s, to host their so called
solar renewable energy scheme, I am using that word as americans do, the Ivanpah SEGS,
to help Kalifornia meet ‘the AB32 energy portfolio requirement, our worst fears have been
realized now- the site is being bladed and leveled.

I can barely stand to look at the photos, they are so bad. The devastation is almost too much
to bear, but bear it we must. I have purposely not driven back up just to avoid having to look
at the sight of this incredibly diverse and rich, plant and animal filled environment reduced to
the state it is in now, and the destruction is just starting up. What makes it so galling also
is knowing that it didn’t have to happen, if certain so called environmental groups had signaled
their opposition at the beginning, or had filed suit to stop it, but of course that didn’t happen,
maybe because of their high muckedy mucks being involved in the very drafting of the plan that has led us to this very moment.

Here at the backporch, we have a name for folks like this, carbonmentalists, not environmentalists. You see we still believe here that old fashioned view of folks like John Muir, just to name one example, who was about saving wilderness, and not
being the quisling involved in destroying it. So go ahead carbonmentalists, celebrate your victory, we’ll see how much damned carbon you’ll save with this plant here, while the rest of the frigging world belches out more and more of it, guess you’ll have to tear up more of the precious deserts to save the planet, oh but
wait, your Godfather, Harry Reid, said you could burn up the pinyon/juniper woodlands in eastern Nevada for your beloved green biomass energy, never mind all the formaldehyde and other noxious fumes such burning will result in.

Let me say it loud and clear to you carbonmentalists, and you know who you are:
you can stick your carbon savings where the sun don’t shine, you got that?

But the rest of you folks and the loyal backporchians, it isn’t all bad. As long noted here,
the industrialists and their government bureaucratic crack ho’s don’t have the final say in
some of these projects. The capital markets have a say as well. The CEC and the DOIBLM
may not give a hoot about whether these projects are viable financially but the bond market does. And as we just saw with Tessera Solar and NTR, money woes in europe put the big
kielbasa to a couple of these solar boondoggles here.

Don’t forget also that the republicans are taking over the House of Representatives soon, they
take a lot of dough from big oil and big coal, commodities that you won’t find in the Mojave.
Pardon the french here but their hardon will be for the Alaskan wildlife refuge, not here. Being
a stone cold liberal, it is a little bit of a surprise to me, that I reacted with such glee when I saw that the chief jackass Reid, barely won a squeaker of an election, because I got to tell you, as far as this blogger is concerned he is public enemy number one to the Mojave, a man
who knows how to pull on the levers of the bureaucracy and a tireless advocate of desert destruction in the guise of providing jobs. I stand by these words and defy anyone to prove
me wrong.

So I bring you tidings of great sadness, and believe me when I say that this hurts me more than I can say, a wound deep in my heart and soul, one I am not sure can be recovered from,
except by continuing to struggle and not to give in to the bastards, harsh words, but sometimes nothing is quite so satisfying as calling a son of a bitch, just that, to his face. Or as
the line goes in a book whose title eludes me right now,"there’s no law that says that you
can’t call an asshole an asshole.” And that’s what these carbonmentalists are, assholes plain
and simple, who by being moles in place at the beginning, set into motion the events that led to the scenes you just saw on your computer screens moments ago, and that when this Ivanpah Valley is completely built out with the two additional planned solar projects, will be fit
only for industry, as the habitat that remains will be so fragmented and built up, that probably the ravens and the workers will be the only ones left.

I’ll leave you with this thought. This did not need to happen.

Remember those photos you just looked at the next time one of these carbonmentalist
calls on you for funds.

Remember Ivanpah.
ivanpah032410hike 032
Looking down toward the sacred metamorphic hill. This plain will be covered with heliostatic mirrors in a year or so.



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