Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ron Paul speaking in support of Wikileaks on the House floor, are we killing the messenger for the bad news?

Folks, what I am about to say will probably send some of you off the deep end.

In my lifetime, we have went to war based on lies, losing young lives by the tens of
thousands, and killing our enemies in the millions.

Those are facts, we have total military superiority and plenty of bullets.

But maybe, just as a thought, what if it is true that we went to war based on lies?

It’s up to each of you to watch this video or not, I watched it and Congressman Paul
makes a few compelling points.

No matter your politics, if you are at all in doubt whether or not, there is a smidgen of truth in the above statements, watch the video which is about 5 minutes long.

Say what you want about Ron Paul, I don’t think he is lying here.


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