Thursday, December 30, 2010

So now our Governator is looking for an energy policy job at the White House! I think he’ll get the job.

As talked about on Uprising Radio this morning. Check out the story and listen to the
segment where Sonali Kolhatkar talks with Robert Cruickshank here, by the way in an
interesting twist, the title of the segment is “ Despite greenwashing, Schwarzenegger’s
tenure followed right wing republican agenda.”

Let me give you the backporch definition of “greenwashing.” On the backporch, it means
following an anti- environmental policy agenda and cloaking it in “green respectability” by
talking about saving the environment, helping turn back climate change, etc, ad nauseum.
This our Governator did very well during his tenure, saying one thing and kicking the dog shit
out of the environment and environmentalists when he had a chance. Remember his famous
words as he surveyed the beautiful desert vista at the Ivanpah SEGS groundbreaking
ceremony, and I paraphrase here, forgive me, “some see open space for miles, I see miles of gold mines.” You get the drift, I am sure.

This clown can’t get out of town fast enough to suit me. Go back to Hollywood, and go back
to making B movies. But of course, after Sacramento, Hollywood is too small a stage for
our Governator. As reported on Uprising this morning, he’s looking to latch onto a job helping
craft national energy policy in the Obama administration! Stop laughing, I know this is a riot,
but think about it, he just may get a job with those fools.

Who has been the point man for the Obama “destroy the desert to save us from climate change” agenda out here? Who has been a more vocal supporter than our Governator? I am telling you that this lapdog is almost a lock to get a job at the White House,
after all our president likes nothing better than to reach across the aisle and french kiss any
republican ass that he can get his hands on- this is a match made in heaven for D.C., and our
and the desert’s hell.

A leopard doesn’t change his spots, you put the Governator in a position of influence with
this nation’s energy policy and I guar-damn-tee there won’t be a desert or wilderness area
in the country that won’t be in danger. I base that prediction on his performance here, as he
did all he could to push through these giant renewable energy boondoggles despite any and
all arguments that they were poorly sited or that they made no economic sense, to the contrary.

By God, there was free money available from the fed’s and they were willing to weaken
the rules, let the gold rush begin! That was our Governator’s motto from the get go!

Feel free to use the search button on the left side, enter “governator”- there are about 5 pages of results for this term on this blog, in case you doubt where I stand with him.

We can’t let our guard down for a minute as long as the crowd comprised of the Governator
and his appointees, Obama and his minions like Salazar, and Harry”let’s bulldoze the desert”
Reid is still around- you can take that to the bank, trust old Morongobill on this.

Just as an afterthought, it may seem unrelated but look at this photograph for a second.
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There are serious proposals, endorsed by Harry Reid, to send 2 million acres of pinyon/juniper
woodlands straight to the woodchippers, to be used in biomass “green energy” plants in
Nevada. Do you really think our Governator would overlook such a proposal if he was in
Washington working with this administration. “Ve must burn the junk trees to reclaim the land
for cattle ranchers and in the meantime produce green energy, ve von’t worry about the little
carbon and other gases that vill be produced. Let the girlie men vorry about such things.”

This guy needs to retire and go do something productive for once instead of being a facilitator
for the destruction of the last wild places left in the west.

That’s how I see things out on the backporch.


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