Thursday, December 9, 2010

Solar, wind renewable energy set for the Yosemite Valley- to be announced by the Governator and Secretary of the Interior Salazar!

Exclusive feed from Morongobill’s Backporch 12/9/2010.

The backporch has learned via leaked documents that a major announcement will be made
in Sacramento soon involving the governor and federal officials, regarding the opening
of the Yosemite Valley to renewable energy development, in an effort to avert climate change
and to help reach the ambitious goals for green energy sources in California state law AB32.

(To the readers unfamiliar with the Yosemite valley, it is roughly 7.5 miles long and about a mile wide, with high granite peaks alongside, evidently the plan is to place wind turbines atop the peaks, and put solar farms in the valley. This is part of Yosemite National Park- Morongobill)
This valley per the documents will be covered with solar arrays and the peaks will be topped with 35 story tall wind turbines.

According to the documents being reviewed here, first indications are the plan was actually brought to the Governator by DOIBLM at the behest of the White House, there is no  way 
of knowing if the president was involved in the drafting of the documents, although
the initials B.O. are typed in some places where an okay was needed.

It seems that a broad consortium of renewable energy firms are represented as participants in the scheme, including some foreign companies. The whole effort will be underwritten by the United States Treasury as well as top investment banks from all over the world. 

There were a few noteworthy quotes found in the leaked documents including a remark from the Governator that this would ensure his legacy as being the most energy conscious governor in the state of California’s long and storied history, as well as Secretary Salazar stating that it was about time that the National Park Service started paying its’ own way  and that he could see massive profits ahead, especially when he rolled this out nationwide, every park would pay its’ own way, or else, he chillingly mentioned per the documents.

Upon the initial skimming of the hundreds of pages long document, one thing stood out. There
appeared to be no concern at all about any major environmental group filing any sort of lawsuit in federal court to stop the industrialization of the National Park Service. In one telling
exchange between state and federal staffers, there was quite a bit of conversation along the lines of since they didn’t oppose Ivanpah and the other solar projects in southern California, they probably won’t oppose this either. The exact words were “we will just mitigate ourselves out of any controversy and if that doesn’t work we will advise them how much carbon will not be going up into the atmosphere thanks to these projects.”

Another document talked of the need for biomass energy plants to be built near the national
forests, the insinuation being that the burning of the trees there for the renewable energy
would reduce the need for imported oil from the middle east and that it would help reduce
our trade deficit, which has ballooned out of control and was a main source of worry for the writer of the letter.

These documents will be made available at this site in a few days upon approval of legal counsel. Stay tuned in the coming days for more news.


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