Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stick a fork in it, this damned year is almost done.

Annus horribilis, I believe I posted earlier in the month.

Amen to that.

From our teacher-in-chief who wasted all his momentum and flatlined his young
supporters hopes for change(as well as those of older ones like this blogger) in
his relentless move ever further to the right, in a search for bipartisanship, to
his henchmen in the DOIBLM who did everything that they could possibly do in an
effort to further industrialize the deserts, and further Obama and the investment
bankers agenda of covering every damned square inch of that desert with mirrors
and wind turbines, with the direct aiding and abetting from their carbonmentalist
allies- yep, stick a fork in the deserts, they are almost done.

And on to our economic masters who are just now recovering from the hangover
after voting themselves those gigantic tax cut extensions for another
couple of years, while tossing the rest of us a bone in the extra few piddly months of unemployment extensions and a grenade in the form of a one year social
security tax “holiday lower rate”, which looks good on the surface, till you
figure out that it is the right wingnut’s wet dream, the first step in their
long drive to eliminate that program- and all happening because our “negotiater-
in-chief” settles for crumbs when he could have fought and got the whole loaf!
Yes, these bastards capped off with a wonderful year, while most of us are fighting for
that last teat to suckle on, and it’s running dry.

How could we forget the war industrial complex? I am really starting to believe
those wars will never end, because the elites are making too much damned money.
This is a great deal for them, they don’t have any kids coming home blown all to hell-
all they have to do is count their loot, not bad work if you can get it.

The security apparatus has had a real good year as well, heck not only can they get off
on rubbing down the flying public, they now are even getting Walmart shoppers into the
spying on each other game. Only in Amerika!

Let’s not forgot our friendly multinational bankers and corporations, who were rewarded for
their incompetence and perfidy by receiving massive infusions of cash from the TARP and
the Federal Reserve, those trillions of dollars that they received virtually free, they then lent back to the government and collected interest on, not loaning the money out for productive purposes to
business and therefor assist in job creation, but by an amazing sleight of hand, have become
even more arrogant and paid themselves even bigger bonuses than before the crash! An insult to the taxpayers that would be considered intolerable if they only knew.

I am telling you what this country really needs is for someone to emulate the Lord
and go to Wall Street and scourge those bastards, overthrow their tables, and
kick their sorry asses to the curb. Unfortunately that’s not likely to happen
considering all the money that they have corrupted our political system with.

Annus horribilis!

Yes for me this year can’t end soon enough. I have just about had it with 2010. From the almost
30% income drop while prices keep going up, by the way oil is back above $90 a barrel, and
I believe you can take this to the bank- in my opinion the rise is strictly the speculators doing their magic once again, I wouldn’t be surprised if this time a $147 high will seem small, I think
the government proved by its’ inaction last time, that they won’t try to stop the rise- if it does
happen, you can kiss any chance of an economic recovery goodbye, that’s for sure.

You know I just remembered it is a holiday after all and maybe nobody is in a mood for
negativity. So I will shut up.

But I leave you with this one thought.

This really has been a terrible year for a lot of us humans. It isn’t all sweetness and light
in this world, to some, it is death and destruction, flooding and starvation, picking up
pieces of your kids from the ground and digging a hole to bury them in.

Think about it, and say a prayer for the less fortunate, they need all the help and goodwill
that they can get.



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