Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking the rest of the year off, from blogging that is.

If any real big news happens, I’ll probably write a little about it here. But first, if I were you
I’d go first to the sites below.

For your desert needs, I suggest the following:

Coyote Crossing

Basin and Range Watch

Mojave Desert Blog

Desert Blog

The Guzzler

For information on the right way to do renewable energy:
Solar Done Right

To reach me:

You will probably see me commenting on the above blogs and sites.

It’s been a pleasurable first year of blogging.

As far as the desert goes, I have made a few great trips up. But as for the
”progress toward the renewable energy future made possible by the sacrifice
of California’s deserts”- a latin phrase comes to mind:

Annus Horribilis.


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