Sunday, January 2, 2011

Backporch to be shutting down, to reopen elsewhere soon, plus special thanks to my supporters.

Longtime friends will view this and think to themselves or will tell me to my face, it was
only a matter of time before you got bored with blogging, you are on to the next thing to
strike your interest.

Okay I confess, yes I am a little bored, not with the desert,
that I never will tire of. I am burned out, with economic negativity and with all the bad news rolling in day after day. End of rant.

This Google blogger platform is not bad, a few bells and whistles, but honestly more trouble than they are worth. So effective now, I am removing all of them, one for sure that I’ll keep up here is the search function on the left side of the page. Let me give you an example, a real world example. Next time First Solar, for example,comes in to check my little
blog, they should enter a search time on the left side box, and go to the results- it will save them time so they can check out other bloggers!

Write this down folks. This will be my new web address:

At this time, I really don’t want to struggle with learning html and css, etc so I am moving to Wordpress, we’ll see how it goes. I am sure it will end up looking as disordered as this does now but maybe even more so.

Please be advised that no content is up at the new location yet and probably won’t be for a
couple more weeks.

In the meantime, this site will still be up as a repository of my past year’s inane scribblings
for your amusement. However I will delete anything that affects the swift rendering of the page on your browser. I thank all those who have honored this old bus driver by following this blog and all the blogs in my blog roll, those features are being retired as well as some others, what remains will be a lean,mean repository; I almost typed suppository there.

I haven’t thought much about the new site except to say that there will be a dedicated commentary page where I can talk about various issues, including the deserts. The focus is going back to what I originally had in mind, some sort of trip log and photo album devoted mainly to the Mojave Preserve and the Mojave desert, with ads relating to those interests,
for example those like on the Anza Borrego site that I admire, and hopefully a forum as well.
I don’t care too much for the modern day social media, so I doubt that I’ll have a facebook page.

In the meantime, I can not strongly emphasize enough that you go to these sites for news
related to issues affecting the southern California deserts in particular. Although I have not met these folks personally, they each helped this small time blogger start out in their own ways, and I owe them a debt of gratitude that I probably never can repay. I thank these folks
for helping me:

Chris over at Coyote Crossing, who became one of my very first followers and who by kindly
mentioning my blog, helped me get started. It was truly an honor to me to get my blog listed on his site, which has desert prose that has inspired me and brought me to tears, thank you Chris.

Shawn over at the Mojave Desert Blog also assisted me with comments and insight and quite
frankly is becoming the authority on desert news reporting as it relates to the renewable
energy gold rush, and who also listed my blog on his site. Thank you Shawn.

Finally Laura and Kevin over at Basin and Range Watch, who are tireless advocates for the
Mojave and other deserts, folks who put themselves out there, time after time, for example,
as being intervenors in many of these energy boondoggles, trying to give the deserts a fighting chance for survival in a form that we can recognize, wild and free, and who assisted
me by giving tips via email and commenting on my blog, thank you Laura and Kevin so much for everything.

Folks, you read these folks sites and trust the old Morongobill, you won’t go wrong.

I would also like to thank my long time friend and fellow blogger like me, Lee Murray, over
at Ruminate, Cogitate, Contemplate, and Meditate, who I bounced many crazy ideas off of
regarding my blog and life issues in general. I would like to ask those of you so inclined to keep my friend in your prayers as he starts driving west to California, where he feels he will be back home at last. Drive safe old friend. We will see how your chess computer has prepared you for a rematch!

I would also like to thank dry cyclist whose name will remain anonymous, but whose web
site devoted to his many bicycle camping trips to the Mojave National Preserve has served
as an inspiration to me, and a source of endless revisits, virtually following his journeys and
learning so much about the preserve, thank you for this and for your help and advice for this blog and other matters. Folks, if you already have or haven’t viewed his site, get right on over and check it out. First rate! I am amazed that the Ten Ton Bike has went to so many remote places!

Let me thank each of my followers who stuck with me through the ups and downs, all 18 of you, the backporchians, I hope and pray that you will visit my new low bandwidth site when it is up. And to all my commenters, thank you for helping me try to create some sense of
community on my site, one of my greatest disappointments was that I never figured out how to get more folks involved, a failing I will surely think about a lot.

This has been a fun ride and it is not over by a long shot. I just hope that I don’t let the minutia bog me down and frustrate me so much that I do lose interest. That probably won’t
happen though, my next road trip up will necessitate telling someone about it, you guys are volunteered Winking smile

Thank you, my readers, each and every one of you for allowing this old bus driver into your lives in a small way, I look forward to seeing you soon again on the backporch.

I will have a hot cup of cowboy coffee waiting for you in the percolator.

Goodbye for now, Godspeed to you in 2011.

P.s. Bottom line is I really don’t have any interest in learning about website design so I will continue with a
cookie cutter approach until I can put a few bucks together and pay to get something a little more professional looking, so bear with me.

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