Thursday, January 13, 2011

BrightSource Energy, continuing its’ inexorable expansion plans, and their impending initial public offering, backporch thoughts on the process.

Another day in America, and big news from BrightSource Energy. Word has
gotten out that they are planning to build another of their world (in)famous
concentrated solar tower projects on roughly 3,100 acres near the Cal-Nev
border on the California side, and close to Pahrump, Nevada.

As an afterthought, Pahrump is home to the historic and world famous Chicken
Ranch; oh, how do I put this for my readers with delicate sensibilities, a
place for men and some women to go and “relax” while slaking their
lusts at the same time.
That’s the best description I can give you folks on such
short notice.

Here is a photo of a less well known brothel’s mailbox, that I encountered once
while driving in the desert, out near Amboy.
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Image provided strictly for the author’s and readers amusement and is not intended to elicit any
kind of anti- social or aberrant behavior.

People allow me to comment that for the first time in a long time, I  am
finally enjoying writing again. My earnest hope is that it will continue. My
fingers are crossed.

By the way, there will be a link at the bottom to the article at the Pahrunp
Valley Times, if you tire of these scribblings and wish to go read some real
writing and news reporting

Well you stuck with me, great! Now let’s dig a little deeper and see, as Paul
Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story.”

First, when you read the article, you will see the BS spokesperson  Keely
waxing eloquently about the environmental benefits of this project as
pertains to the land, emphasizing how “The low-impact design retains existing vegetation, land contours and natural features” and uses only around 400 acre-
feet of water a year to clean the mirrors, etc. Great, right?

What isn’t mentioned is how every desert tortoise or badger or mojave
ground squirrel among other animals will be forcibly dug up and translocated, but this time since the project is on private land, the regulations are not as strict.

But at least this time they went to a private landowner and not back to the taxpayers.

How about this for an appealing project name- drum roll please -


The images that flow to the mind from that name- creosote, sagebrush, cowboys punching cattle, aermotor windmills turning in the wind blowing down off the mountains and across the plains now covered with heliostatic
mirrors as far as the eye can see, all in giant circles aimed toward central
skyscraper tall receiving towers, looking to capture nature’s bounty from
Apollo the Sun God!

I said it before on this blog quite a few times, BrightSource Energy and its’ management are worthy foes, they started slow, as their main man,
John Woolard, put it and I paraphrase(because I am too lazy this morning
to look up the quote) we move slowly and plan our moves carefully, but
look at the rewards they have reaped and the
absolutely gargantuan rewards they will reap, when soon, at long last, they float the initial public offering, when they finally “go public” as long
ago predicted here, and they and their investment banking buddies on
Wall Street, rake in the dough to the tune of billions of dollars, while we
long suffering tax payers, the saps for whom all these projects are allegedly being done on our behalf, will get
ZIP, NADA, THE BIG FAT ZERO, you got that?

(But we will get higher electric rates for this green energy, more later)

Just remember what the old Morongobill said here today, when you hear the
news soon about the IPO. Don’t forget also about today, when you read about
their big international expansion plans, my guess funded by the overseas governments.

Here is “An inconvenient truth” that you might want to consider.
BrightSource, originally an Israeli company, languished for years in the desert.
They had an idea, a technological idea, one that they couldn’t put into production on a large scale, for economic reasons- namely, why pay top dollar
for expensive renewable energy technology when you can burn oil, coal, or natural gas much cheaper?

But as we know, like sang by the 5th Dimension so many years ago,


When the moon is in the seventh house

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

The peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius”

Several factors all came into play at the same time- concerns about climate
change and global warming led various governments and think tanks to start
agitating for alternative energy production, leading to tax incentives and government provided startup funding, which has gotten the juices flowing in the
investment banking and energy communities, leading to the great energy desert land rush now.

The good news is there are funds available at long last to fund the dreams of
the BrightSource Energy management and others of their ilk, so they can emerge from the desert doldrums like those tiny frogs that exist in a state of
suspended animation deep down in the muck for decades, to reappear alive,
full of vitality, croaking,mating,singing, fighting, as long as the rains(money)
lasts, then die off, leaving the eggs to hatch again, long in the future.

It sounds great, unfortunately unlike those frogs, what will be left will be thousands of square miles of lifeless and denuded land, scraped bare in many places, totally devoid of wildlife and the variety of plants required to attract wildlife, a wasteland, one for our descendants to “enjoy.”

And more bad news. You might recall the mention here that the California Energy Commission doesn’t use a projects economic viability as a factor to
whether it will get approved. Since none of these projects ever got a scintilla of
interest in the past for funding, what in the hell makes them viable today in an economic sense?

I’ll tell you the answer and I’ll keep it simple, stupid as the old saying goes.

These companies have the government to fund the construction costs in a lot
of cases, that’s billions of dollars. They sign long-term contracts with power
companies like SCE or PGE or SDGE
at an undisclosed price which will be a high one and paid for by the ratepayers in the form of higher monthly utility bills, those same ratepayers will also be forced to pay for the multi-billion dollar new transmission lines and upgrades that will be required to move the power hundreds of miles back to the cities- are you finally starting to catch on to the giant scam
that is being perpetrated on your behalf supposedly?

Let me give a final thought, just to toss it out there for your amusement.

The Sierra Club recently filed a law suit in state court to try to stop the solar
”farm” near Calico, the one the ill-fated stirling engines were to be placed on.
Can you imagine what effect such a lawsuit would have had if one had been
filed to stop the BSE’rs at Ivanpah? I bet the gnashing of teeth and wailing would have been heard all the way to Ivanpah, from Oakland and Wall Street!

And it would have been a more strategic move, striking at the heart of the industrialists, at the right time, to derail their plans to rape the mojave desert.

Sigh, what might have been.

Go here to read about the latest BS project.


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