Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A friend has passed on.

Her name was Narin Pot and she is survived by her family including a daughter.

She was about my age and worked at one of the places that I go to often.

Narin was always pleasant and always seemed glad to see me when I came
into the business establishment she worked in.

Even though we only interacted at this business, I considered her a friend, a feeling
that become more evident when one day she confided in me that she had worked as
an actress in a short cambodian language film a couple of years ago, “the Golden
, a film made by Greg Cahill in the Los Angeles area, but set in Cambodia
during the Khymer Rouge time.

The film was based on the story of a popular cambodian singer of the time, a young
lady swept up in the times, who went from being the top pop singer to being in a labor
camp, Narin played her confidant in the movie.

I immediately bought the movie online and brought it in to her workplace and showed it
to her co-workers, also cambodian, who did not know about it. She got a kick out of
us watching it.

We were not close friends but I must say that I will miss going in and not hearing her say
”Bill, how are you?” and then chatting about whatever was going on.

I remember joking with her that I needed to have her autograph my copy of the video, what
laughs I got with that line.

Narin will be missed and I am very thankful that she confided in me about her role in the movie,
something I never suspected in all the time I would come in and chat with her.

My condolences to her family and friends for their loss.

Bill Mcdonald