Thursday, January 20, 2011

Renewable energy- the new mantra for the same old greed, avarice, and raping of the planet’s resources.

You think Mother Earth feels any better about the defilement because her
rapists are wearing GREEN CONDOMS

I don’t and the greedy rapists aren’t fooling me, you, or the rest of us either.

What has set me off this morning? Go read this article about Harry Reid and
others plans to masticate every pinyon/juniper forest in the whole great state
of Nevada. Then come back over here, I’ll put some coffee on while you’re
gone. And it’ll give me a chance to calm down a little, and avoid offending and
running off any more of my readership.

You know I thought about making the title of this post “What will you do when
the last tree has been biomassed, the last drop of oil is gone, etc and your
lights won’t turn on?” But I figured that would send everybody off screaming and raving like lunatics, and I can’t have that on my head, so the decision was
made to go with this one. But that original idea was and is still a valid one.

In this insane, head long rush to satisfy the carbonmentalists, the bureaucrats,
the investment bankers, and other various and sundry spreadsheet waving harry out there, we now find ourselves in a predicament where the doom- and-
gloom scenario might in fact happen, and maybe sooner than any of us think.

That article I linked to earlier laid out the case for saving the pinyon/juniper
old growth forests, and the sneaky moves planned and schemed about by
those such as Reid and baby Reid who want to eradicate them, to masticate
them, to send their hundreds of years old essence up their damned smoke stacks, to further contribute to the global warming that they claim to want to
stop. You got to hand it to these jackasses, they don’t give up. After suffering
a crushing repudiation at the polls, Reid et al licked their wounds lasciviously
for a few moments and went right back out there back to work shilling for their
real masters, a few of which we now know are Chinese trash companies.
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This is an example of the type of tree Reid et al want to send to the woodchippers and then burn to power
the lights for your XBOX 360. You think this vista would be as scenic without this hundreds of years old ancient one?

That’s trash as in trashing China’s and anybody else’s lands to try to “save” the environment while really only padding their own pocketbooks, with American dollars- what, don’t you know that this whole boondoggle here will be financed by the taxpayers?

Yes sir, no doubt about it, every where you shine the light of truth, you find
evidence that the crime will really be financed by you and me. Take it to the bank folks. As Willie Sutton said during the Great Depression when he was asked why he robbed banks,that’s where the money is! Our tax money, our implicit guarantees as the ultimate funding mechanism of this so called “of the people” government, are and have been assigned to act as collateral for virtually every last one of these “renewable energy schemes”. That’s right ,schemes and I use that word like Americans do, as in a criminal scheme.

We are just in the beginning stages here of the bubble, it’s good and frothy but still not frothy enough, we have to throw a little more money into the mosh pit to really stir the pot up. For example, like Goldman Sachs now injecting themselves into the California desert land rush in the guise of K Road Solar.

All over the country you see examples- the Cape Wind project is one. The upcoming eradication of the old growth pj forests in Nevada and other western states is another. The ongoing insidious raping of the California deserts is a
particularly egregious example. All this going on with the blessing of the GREAT FATHER in Washington and the LITTLE FATHER’S in the state capitals, as well as being directly and/or indirectly blessed by some of the carbonmentalist and environmental groups, after all, we have to save the planet from carbon buildup, no matter how many carbon sequestering pinyon/juniper tree forests we chew up and burn, or how much carbon sequestering desert soils we have to scrape up, to blow away with the unstopping desert winds.

Have any of these damned geniuses in government ever heard of conservation? Have any of you readers? Do you shut the lights off when you leave the room, or turn down the thermostat at night? Have you switched over to the new compact flourescent light bulbs? Simple little things can make a difference. Economics can make a difference. If you are financially in the position of having one foot in the poor house and one on a banana peel, would that make a change in your behavior? Even our own military is now getting on the conservation and green energy bandwagon. Not to the point of conserving lead however, if you catch my drift. Now even Walmart is jumping on the green bandwagon with rooftop solar being installed in some test stores.

Right now my net connection is on the fritz but I remember reading about a solar company that will put up rooftop solar panels and then later come back and recycle the old equipment, which will cut costs and help with landfill and
environmental issues. It is a fact that some dangerous materials go into the panels, that is an issue that needs to be and is being addressed. It still doesn’t
negate the good which would be done overall if the national policy was one of
”solaring the rooftops” first and foremost, then industrial scale solar on degraded lands, etc. A sensible and cheaper proposal which obviates the need
for the expensive infrastructure required to bring the power in from far away.

But the rooftop solar idea has a big problem. It is a decentralized approach and contrary to everything the utility companies and big government stand for. They are all about concentrated, top down command and control, and the rooftop solar approach is a heresy to them. Considering how big money and influence are totally in control of the political and regulatory process at the moment, it really doesn’t look good right now for home power, no matter the obvious benefits it offers to our needs.

So it seems to me that we are at an impasse right now- each sides needs and wants are not being met by the other, and this may play out just like it looks,
the side with the most power may win.

That is just what I am trying to warn folks about here today. I fear for the future of this small, blue and green orb drifting in space. How long can we keep raping this planet? How long will the average person stand by and let this happen? I think that I have the answer to that question.

Forever, is the answer. Until every last resource has been burned up.

The average person could really care less. Either they are worn down by the Great Recession or they are full fledged card carrying CONSUMERS and they are part and parcel of the process, and absolutely have to have the latest, greatest toys, and must bury the Jones’s much less keep up with them.

So what do we do? Somehow as activists that care about the future of this planet, and you don’t need to be a member of any group to be considered an
activist, we activists need to think about this problem here. This is my take on it.

The government agencies are in bed with the industrialists, there is absolutely
no question about that statement, in my opinion. So are some of the environmental groups, no question about it. The large investment banks are in on the deal. Everybody it seems is all for this destruction of the environment
that is in the beginning stages right now. You understand that I am aware of the fossil fuel industry’s history of environmental degradation, I am referring
to the new paradigm, the new green industry, our saviour.

The politicians are pretty much in on the game as well. Arnold was bought and paid for, at least he acted like it, if he wasn’t. The new governor I am not sure of. He talks a good game about rooftop solar but it also appears that he favors
concentrated solar as well. Seems to me, our side should be lobbying him right now.

To me, the answer that might provide relief relatively quickly, the only one that
seems feasible and with any chance of success will be through the court system. It sure worked for those pushing a civil rights agenda, didn’t it?

God willing, somewhere out there right now, maybe toiling away studying in the law library, is a young man or woman, or a group, of idealistic lawyers to be, that have hiked in the wilderness and love the wilderness, and want to help
protect it, that might want to get involved in the struggle, or perhaps somewhere is a well off individual who cares about the planet and would like
to leave a legacy for those who follow, by getting involved in the legal battles
to come, recognizing the strategic time is now, to kill this idea right now while it is young, that we must destroy, we must sacrifice the best places, for the betterment of future generations, we must destroy America’s best remaining wild places, so that countries abroad can keep pumping out the carbon, and that the rich can get even more rich here, cheering on the destruction here so they can get even better off, and leaving the rest of us behind, mourning the loss forever of the areas eradicated.

The rest of us, need to do what we can in our own way to help, and may I suggest possibly supporting the good groups such as the Western Watersheds Project which has actually just filed suit to stop Ivanpah?


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