Monday, January 24, 2011

Revisited “Senor Cottonwood” yesterday, here’s a few photographs and videos for your viewing pleasure.

Total distance hiked, around 4.5 miles, half downhill, half uphill. Temperature around 65 degrees,
and wind gusts at times around 10 miles per hour.

A lot of this was on soft sand and loose rocks, the results of all the rains we have had this
winter which made for tough sledding. I barely made it back to my car, my legs were worn
out by the trail condition. Here are a few pics below with captions and a note also, the voice
recordings I made on my cell phone are available here.

Several videos were filmed also, I uploaded this video of an above ground desert stream up to
both Youtube and Vimeo, unfortunately Youtube was the only one to go through.

Alongside the canyon trail, I followed the sound of water to its’ source.

I will gradually convert more videos and add them to this page.
As I process more videos, I will add them here.1/26/2011 Morongobill.

Close encounter with the babbling brook.

Here a bluebird horns in on MY camera time!

While not a true trip report, they will
be an interesting way to spend a little time and to learn about desert canyons, although not many are
this verdant and full of life.
012311senorcottonwood 003

I filmed a short video of my friend here was sitting behind me quietly and un-noticed by me until a hiker
pointed it to me as she passed by. I met several hikers, telling several about this blog, and also 3 folks
on horseback, everybody pleasant and out enjoying the Sunday afternoon.
012311senorcottonwood 008

While crossing the stepping stones, I fell in here. Luckily for me, it was shallow where I crossed! The last time, I
saw a running stream here was my first visit, about a year after the devastating fire swept down this canyon.
012311senorcottonwood 010

The view as you approach Senor Cottonwood, note, like the Morongobill, he has lost his
012311senorcottonwood 014

This very interesting rock formation is on the left side as you get near the tree and the canyon
dogleg right, where the trail continues downhill another 2.5 miles. Right here was where I sat and
rested when the sun was brutally beating down and the spot under the tree was unshaded, last
012311senorcottonwood 024

You can not wrap your arms around this tree, it is so huge. That root to the right is my natural
012311senorcottonwood 029

Another look at the Senor just past him.
012311senorcottonwood 044

On the way back, all uphill.
012311senorcottonwood 047

This picture is deceiving, all downhill it seems. You must climb up a steep hill to get to this point.
012311senorcottonwood 048

The stream crossing. This stream flows downhill almost a mile veering along the right side
where it goes around the knoll where the trail goes, hugging the right canyon wall until it disappears back into the ground. This stream will dry up by May is my guess, so you need to head up to the Big
Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve soon to catch it in action. Below is a video from the knoll
showing the stream’s course and where it runs back underground.

Look how water has eroded the canyon floor over the millennia!

A late note here folks. My next hike up here, I plan to go off the trail and follow the stream along the
canyon wall to try to see where it goes back underground to the aquifer and to explore that steep eroded
”river” bank in the video still above. That would be very interesting to me.

Well there you have it folks, that’s how I spent my Sunday. I must say I prefer hiking up there
when it’s not as busy, I guess I really just needed to get away from civilization yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today to the backporch. Remember if you live here in California or
plan a visit, there is a lot more to do here than just go to Disneyland or Universal Studios.

Hope to see you out on the trail.


Bonus picture, or my reward after all this hard work!
012311senorcottonwood 012

Here is the video the above picture is from. Sorry for a lapse of good manners, I had just wolfed down a sausage dog and another Arnold Palmer prior to breaking out a new set for this video! Hiking requires replenishment after all.

Another one bites the dust!

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