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Wasting away in Obamaville, my thoughts on the State of the Union speech.

This year, I did not watch the SOTU speech for the first time in many years.

I did not watch it for this reason- I wanted to read it in print and think about
the message without being influenced by the orator’s speaking ability, or
how well he reads the teleprompter.

I am not going to dissect the speech paragraph by paragraph but will bring
up a few points dear to me and I believe to some of my readers, along with
the actual lines from the speech.

As another blogger noted, our president has now given two state of the union
speeches, and he contrasted clips from his second speech(this one) with
Herbert Hoover’s sotu speeches after the crash on Wall Street and the panic.
The parallels were eerie. President Hoover talked of voluntary measures by
local agencies and businesses to help the unemployed without putting them
on the dole, and our president didn’t even mention the 99’ers and I am sure
that you heard all the talk from some Washington politicians who blamed the
long- termed unemployed for their own problems, some even blaming it all
on the dole!

A couple of examples to illustrate my point, first up will be Hoover the first and
second up will be the modern day Hoover:
ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 31 08.31
Here is another section from President Hoover’s 1931 SOTU address:
ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 31 08.33

As a historical note, President Hoover’s speech occurred 2 years into the events
of what we now know as the Great Depression.

Contrast his remarks to BO’s who also is 2 years after the beginning of what we
call the Great Recession.
Folks, I have the president’s speech in pdf file format and did a search of
the 17 page document for the search terms: unemployed and unemployment- here are the results:
ScreenHunter_03 Jan. 31 08.40

There must be some sort of mistake here so I searched the document with
this search term which surely must have been mentioned by our CARING AND
COMPASSIONATE president several times- 99’ers:
ScreenHunter_04 Jan. 31 08.42

Well he did say this, take of it what you will, I heard it two years ago and all I saw was over a trillion $$$$ going to the bankers and a bone tossed to
the rest of us

Barack Hoover Obama, I like the ring of that name
and in my opinion, it fits this president like a glove. Even President Hoover
uttered the words unemployment and the unemployed several times! Our
current occupant at the Oval Office, didn’t even mention them, even once!
But I digress. I promised to also fill in the blanks for you guys by reading
the tea leaves and looking for true and unsaid meanings.

Long time readers of the backporch know that I have been on the warpath against these desert solar projects from the beginning. Here is a quote from
the president’s State of the Union(SOTU)speech:


First let us ignore the oxymoronic “clean coal and nuclear.” That is the subject
of another post one day. For now let us focus on the 80% clean energy goal
by 2035. What he didn’t say was that we haven’t seen nothing yet. For us to
meet this goal, there won’t be a desert or wilderness not at risk in the future.
As Steve Tabor said in the letter of his that I re-posted here, we are only getting
about 1% of our energy needs met by solar and I believe he was referring to
wind also in that statement. 79% more is going to require land needs that will make what’s going on now look like a drop in the bucket.

Or how about this gem, anybody have a problem with his assertion here besides me?

Washington policies have broken the back of this recession? What the
hell is he smoking? Give me some of it because I’ll need it to believe this
asinine statement. Last I heard unemployment was around 10 % and over
30 states were close to bankruptcy, millions of houses were still being
foreclosed on, home prices were tanking again, oil is starting to run up
again, need I say more? I can go on for another 3 pages or so just with
this topic. But let’s carry on, shall we?

This statement most of all exposes the Washington disconnection from reality
on Main Street than any other, in this speech of unreality.



Anybody see what’s missing? Hint, remember the last time you called tech
support? What accent did you hear, was it a call perhaps answered in India
for example? OUTSOURCING! Millions of good American jobs have been
outsourced and he doesn’t even bring it up. Good high paying American
manufacturing jobs gone for good, they ain’t ever coming back, and if
you can’t find a job in your area, once the unemployment runs out, look
out below, you better go scout a place to put your refrigerator box out
on skid row!

How about this statement, you believe this hogwash?


I guess after reading that, I should see this in my mind’s eye.
archivecd18 198

But what the morongobill really feels was best said by that famous rock and
roll philosopher and I quote it “fills me with an urge to defecate!”
Are Americans so moronic to actually believe this pabulum?
We barely got two nickels to rub together thanks to the never- ending wars
overseas and the never- ending trillion dollar+ bailouts to the banks, our
schools and university systems are falling apart along with what’s left of our
infrastructure, you can hardly drive under a bridge without seeing new Obama-
ville residents living underneath, modern day Hoovervilles, and this president
thinks we are dumb enough to believe this crap? Don’t get me wrong, I under-
stand that he has to put a fresh spin on an old sorry story, but come on, a hog
with ear-rings, is still a hog!

This next is a real doozie, check it out.


Talk about galling, this takes the cake. Yes, the tax code is rigged alright.
How do you think all the jobs got outsourced? And after our multinationals
ship the jobs overseas, build their products with cheap, often slave labor,
the profits are brought home and guess what, they don’t pay any taxes at
all, talk about having the cake and eating it too. a note to you ceo’s out
there pulling this scam, remember Marie’s quote about letting them eat cake?
Is your necktie feeling a little bit tight right now?

Warning to my readers! Simplifying the tax code will mean one thing in my
opinion. Think Steve Forbe’s flat tax. The ones who will pay the price will be
us little guys and as the saying goes, crap flows downhill, hope you own some
high water waders because it is about to get pretty deep, pretty soon. We will
pay as usual for all these big ideas from our betters, who as usual will skate
away from having to pay the piper, and leaving us with the bill. I guar-damn-tee
it folks.

And now drum roll please. BO’s shining moment where he climbs to the top
of the rhetorical heap and assumes his place alongside Herbert Hoover.


Finally we have the proof that Washington and our leaders are totally
out of touch with reality, at least the reality out in the heartland. The
worst of the recession is over, our king says, it must be right, he’s the king, right? Wrong! The recession is not over and anybody with half a brain, and who has followed the economy and world events with even
a cursory look, knows that this is an absolute lie, the big lie, tell it long
enough and often enough, the dimwits will start to believe it.

I tell you what- when the military is pulled out of these wars, brought home, and the 800 or so bases worldwide are shutdown or cut back, when
we finally start making the plutocrats pay their fair share of taxes, when we stop funding the complete raping of our deserts, etc.- maybe then we
can have this discussion.

But those things will not happen, because we Americans have become sheeple,
listening only to what our leaders and boobtubes and idiot boxes tell us via the
media, we don’t think for ourselves anymore, if we ever did, and we’ll keep on
lurching along as we are, kidding ourselves that we are the Colossus of the World, standing astride the globe calling the shots, when in fact, like the king
mentioned in the Bible in Daniel’s dream, we have feet of clay and one day will
fall down, hard, and instead of being helped up, the rest of the world will start
kicking and kicking us while we are down, payback for all the ass kicking we have been doing for years, and you know what, it will be well deserved.

Folks, if I have pissed you off, sorry, that’s what freedom of speech is for. To
tell the truth as I see it. I issue a standing invitation to anyone, if you have a
problem with this, I offer you rebuttal space here on this blog, or just make a comment.

I have been watching events unfold from the backporch and they are not pretty.
This economy and country are about to go real bad, I can’t say exactly when, but the trend is sooner, rather than later. We can either acknowledge we have
a problem or ignore it and continue mucking along, hoping we can dodge the bullet when it comes, forgetting all the while, the gigantic self imposed bulls eye’s on our backs.

To hell with Washington. They have no idea what average people are going
through with the Great Recession, hell we just heard the president say it’s
almost over. They wouldn’t know reality if it rose up and bit them right in their
big, fat suit covered asses. We are on our own out here on Main Street, and
I say we have to look out for ourselves. I could care less about the macro-economic situation, quite honestly I am more concerned with my micro-economic personal survival, that’s what we have to do, look out for each other
and ourselves. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble here, don’t expect FDR to
rise up from his grave and save us, we are in the tight fisted grip of the banker state, they have bought our government and it’s theirs, they stole it fair and square, they think, and unless we follow the example of our Tunisian brothers
and sisters, and go out into the streets to take back our government, and no way do I believe that will happen, prepare yourselves to be even further enslaved…..

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Welcome to the United States of Obamaville.


Full text of President Obama's SOTU speech 2011

Full text of President Hoover's SOTU speech 1931

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