Thursday, February 17, 2011

The British government bows to public outrage and drops the plans to sell off ALL their forests. America, are you listening?

Okay folks, I thought you’d like to hear some great news, straight from
the source. Watch the video from their parliament at this link.

And this is also the link to the story at The Guardian, a newspaper that acted
like in the old days, and kept the heat on with story after story, and didn’t
act like a mouthpiece for the government, like some do here in this country.
Great job, guys!

So it appears that Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, and The Major Oak have been saved, not by a government that is supposed to be a responsible steward,
but by average citizens, outraged, mad as hell and not taking it anymore, in
no way sheeple, who said, “like hell you are selling off our forests, piss off!

That kind of outrage needs to make an appearance in this country, as readers
of this blog I believe know, before our so called government stewards of the
public lands and their carbonmentalist allies, sell off every damned last
acre of wild desert and other wilderness, to make this so called green energy, as another blogger put it, the only damned thing green about it is
the money the promoters will make, and the bill that we taxpayers will have to pay!