Monday, February 7, 2011

The desert is not a dumping ground, and a possible solution to the problem, hiking with a friend, and his “Kalifornia” welcome committee.

Drove up to Big Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve yesterday for a short
hike with an old friend, Leroy Murray, who also has a couple of blogs, here
and here, well worth a read, for a different point of view; actually one is
devoted to his occupation, and the one I am referring to as of a different view
point is the “ruminate” site which is like a philosophy blog.

Along the way, we exited Hwy 62 to see if I could find the location where
I made this photograph below:
archivecd9 054

Well, we had no luck finding that exact location but we did find this:
020611bigmorongocanyon 001

And this:
020611bigmorongocanyon 002

To say the morongobill got fired up seeing this desecration to the
landscape is an understatement.

See folks, this is the problem activists are encountering as they try to
make people aware of what’s going on out in the deserts regarding
the renewable energy projects and their projected impact on the land
and the ecosystem. You see………

Most people just don’t give a damn. As far as a lot of folks are
concerned, the desert is just a wasteland, to dump their garbage on.
Or it’s a place to ride their off-road vehicles on, and to hell with any
one else. In some people’s minds, whatever use they can find for it
is okay, no matter what the government or the law says. Screw them,
I’m dumping my garbage out here, no one can see me, and besides, I
might have to pay a 20$ fee at the dump, or they might not take my toxic
waste, here it won’t hurt anybody.

We have tried public service messages and education as a society, to try to
get the message out. It isn’t working. I propose a solution that works in
Singapore and other countries. Corporal punishment, in the form of a
brine soaked rattan cane applied to the offender’s bare buttocks by a
brawny martial arts expert, in a public event.

Who knows, it just might work as a deterrent.

I feel a lot better after getting this off my chest.

Anyway, we continued on to the preserve where we hiked down the canyon
trail to the junior cottonwood tree, near where the bird I video’d last week was.
Here is a shot of my friend about to take a shot with his Nikon D300 digital
020611bigmorongocanyon 016

Leroy sitting on one of the “footstools” under the junior cottonwood tree.

The view down the canyon from his “footstool.”
020611bigmorongocanyon 026

This wonderful view was scheduled to be destroyed by the placement of gigantic transmission line towers
smack dab down the middle, thanks to local activist and community opposition, the Los Angeles DWP
dropped the planned “Green transmission line” project some time ago.

By the way, speaking of a need for some corporal punishment, my
friend rented an office to work out of in Fullerton, and the very first
night, the very day he rented it and began moving his work stuff in,
some miscreant stole his truck from the lot about 2 blocks from the
Fullerton police station, with most of what he owned, which took a
lifetime to acquire, and since he owned this truck and only had liability
insurance, is a total loss, about 35,000 $ I would say, minimum.

The officers who took the report were professional and seemed empathetic,
but the folks working inside the police station evidently could care less. Welcome to Kalifornia, my friend.

This is a major blow, a life changing blow, one that might sink a lesser man.
But I know my friend, and believe he will survive this and be successful out
here despite this loss.

Yes, I really would like to run into the bastards who stole his truck, I really
would. As the old saying goes, cut out the middle man, just call the morgue.
But, no doubt, they’ll never be seen or heard from again, maybe in the next

I have held my tongue and not commented on this incident, maybe I got
pushed over the edge by the sight of the illegal dumping, so I decided to tell
you guys. My apologies if I offended anyone.

I will leave you with another photograph, take care, and I will see you next time.
020611bigmorongocanyon 025

Here we have a burned out mesquite I believe with a new one growing
right in the middle of the dead one, a “phoenix” rising from the ashes so to

Proof positive that life goes on.


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