Tuesday, February 8, 2011

During hard economic times, Britain prepares to sell ALL of its forests, over here we’re getting ready to fire up the woodchippers to turn ours into GREEN RENEWABLE ENERGY!

Below is a photograph of The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, conservatively estimated to be between 800-1000 years old.
major oak

This old and gnarly oak has seen a lot of history pass him by in the hundreds
of years that he has stood there in Sherwood Forest. Perhaps Robin Hood
and his band took refuge from the sun under the long reach of his massive branches, or even the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The good news is that being a national treasure, The Major Oak will no doubt
stand protected until the day that he finally passes from the scene. The bad news is that Sherwood Forest as well as all other Royal and other forests may
be sold to private companies and individuals to satisfy the bean counters in the new government. After all, if they don’t bring down their budget deficit, it might
alarm the “bond vigilantes” and force a downgrade of their sovereign credit rating.

The proposed selloff is being hotly contested by some in the public as well as
some members of the establishment such as the Archbishop of Canterbury,
Rowan Williams. At a recent public meeting, the government official was pelted
with eggs by some in the angry crowd.

If only the morongobill could have been there, there might have been a different substance being flung at the party hack with gleeful and reckless abandon.
ivanpahfieldtrip 011

This policy issue has been in the news since last fall and I was glad to see
that it finally came upon the radar screen at the New York Times green blog
this morning, better late than never, or maybe I just missed a previous article.
Read their article here.

Here are a few more articles that I have been reading about this issue from
The Guardian:






Dare I say that if you read these well written articles from the British newspaper,
you will probably know more about the subject than the N Y Times writer ever will.

Here is another New York Times green blog post talking about our government
offering about a billion dollars in loan guarantees to develop wood burning
renewable energy schemes.
plan to turn wood chips into gasoline

This idea really worries me. Never doubt the ability of the average American
to sacrifice anything, just as long as they can put gasoline into their giant,
supersized suv’s and trucks.
I believe even the General Sherman tree would
end up in the woodchipper, to get that last gallon or two.

I just made a comment about the British forest sell off at the Times green blog.
Since I am unsure if it will be published, I will re-publish it here for your viewing.
ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 08 07.48

As I have said here many times, this country is in a mess, with one foot
on a banana peel and the other in the financial morass. We don’t have a
pot to piss in or a window to toss it out of. To hear our propagandist- in-
chief tell it, we don’t have a care in the world, things are going great, because
the stock market is roaring back! No mention at all of the unemployed, hell,
look we just had 2 consecutive months where the national unemployment rate
went down .4% each month. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Then you hear that
only 36,000 jobs were created last month, scratch your head, and finally you
get it- the government is cooking the books, fudging with the numbers!

Here is what I am trying to tell you guys. Our leaders are morally and politically
bankrupt. They are taking money from the very folks who almost singlehandedly brought down the whole globe’s financial system. There has
been no,nor will there be any punishment inflicted upon those criminals responsible for the current mess we are in. Instead they have been rewarded with the keys to the lockbox, and are in the process of transferring their private debt onto the public’s backs- that’s you and I and our kids, so they
can continue doing what they do best, making up new scams and fleecing
the suckers, world wide.

We are in a world of hurt, and our environment is about to be in a world of hurt,
even more than it already is. The British people may win their fight to save their
forests, because they really do care. They actually love their forests and
I believe they will prevail.

Here in America, I am not so sanguine about the prospects for saving the forests, deserts, or other wilderness areas. And now that they may finally reach the Holy Grail and make gasoline out of wood, I am downright fatalistic about
this almost. I just don’t see us not filling our tanks.

Stop America’s dependence on foreign oil, burn California Redwood premium
in your suv!

Better get up from your recliner, drop the remote, and drive up to the forests
or deserts, while you have a chance to see them.

They may be gone sooner than you think.

But, after all, we will be producing GREEN ENERGY, right?


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