Thursday, February 24, 2011

Government of the rich,by the rich, and for the rich in Amerika, thing I’m making it up? Listen to this phone call.

Note—a friend has brought to my attention that this is a little confusing. Read the following:
A left wing blogger from BuffaloBeast called the governor and got through
to him by impersonating the billionaire- David Koch. That is not the “real” David Koch. The story here is what the governor was willing to say over the phone when he thought he was talking to Mr. Koch, who along with his brother, fund many right wing causes and think tanks.

I apologize for any confusion, I admit I was in a hurry when I posted this.

Thanks to the Buffalo Beast website. Weird website name, but home of good old time journalism.

I bet there ain't a blow dried pretty boy in the whole newsroom.

In my whole life, I have never heard such a tape as this, which proves true, beyond our wildest dreams, that
we the little guys, the so called people, don't mean shit to the guys at the top.

Before I link to the videos, here is a comment that I made this morning on Truthdig about this, but I came at
it from another angle:

"By morongobill, February 24 at 7:14 pm Link to this comment

What must seem obvious to the people who count in 
Wisconsin- *hint* there are only 2 men who count, at 
least to the governor- is the FACT that they better 
toss this clown under the wheels of the bus, before 
he personally drives it into a crowd of peaceful 

This guy must appear to the oligarchs like a train 
wreck waiting to happen.

The key to the oligarchs plans are simple, it’s the 
goldilocks approach.

If you stick to the poor saps too much, like this 
jackass governor is doing, you run the risk that the 
lower classes might start sharpening their 

The masses need to accept their lot in life with 
minimal fuss, this dumbass just revealed the little 
man behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

I look for him to be receiving a private missive 
soon, if he already hasn’t already, from his masters
and it won’t be a nice one.

He will either shape up to their wishes and act a 
little more circumspect, or he’ll be gone- dead man 

Sorry for the odd type size above, but after this software crashing twice,
I tried posting with google blogger, ran into different problems there, so
this is just the way it is, folks.

Here is Part 1:

Part 2:

Oh no, I ain’t about to type a video caption, that’s what locked up
my software.

By the way, this is just audio of a phone call with no video, it is not a
huge file.

The most satisfying 4 words in the english language are appropriate now,
me thinks.

I told you so.

These rich bastards of this ilk along with their toadies and lackeys like the
Obummer and political hacks of all stripes in congress and the courts, as well
as governors and legislators in the states, have run this country into the dirt
and now that they have by their policies outsourced most of the best paying
jobs, now want to finish the job by destroying the unions and the very last
fraying strings remaining of the social safety net, what keeps us and our children and old folks off the streets, while they vote themselves and their lard
assed fatcat contributors humungous tax cuts- - - -

When are the american people going to stop letting jerks like “el rushbo”
do their thinking for them, and think for themselves, and rise up and take
back their country from these greedy bastards before they completely gut
this country?

This phone call is proof positive, guilt proved beyond any shadow of a doubt,
but my guess, still won’t be enough to stop the american people from ogleing
Lindsay Lohan’s cleavage or break their gaze from this Lady Gaga, or whatever the hell her name is.

My guess is the sheeple will go on with business as usual, watching the pabulum that the oligarch’s spoon feed them on their idiot boxes, while this country continues merrily along, going to hell in a hand basket.