Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great desert bicycle camping trip report found. Link and some photo’s here.

Surf right over here to get the full scoop.

I mentioned this site yesterday, the route 66/mojave desert bicycle
camping expedition.

I have said it before that this man’s trips to the Mojave National Preserve
as well as other places serve as a way we can make a virtual, in depth, tour
of the area, through the writing and photography, he puts up on his trip
reports. These expeditions motivate me to want to get out of the big city
and head out to the desert, something that I long for but often can’t due to the 200+ mile trip one way- but I am going soon.

Lately I have been going to the Big Morongo Canyon area, it is closer and
has great scenic beauty, but I miss the MNP and hope to get an extra day off
to spend a couple of days there. Of course, I’ll write about it here.

I was given permission by the above site owner to post a few of my favorite
images from his recent trip here- hopefully looking at this will convince you to
surf over and read it for yourself.

All images below are copyright by

This is my personal favorite of all the photos. Those colors, so contrasting
and intense from the glow of the setting sun, fantastic!


The above shot could be from an outdoor sports company ad. Excellent
composition and subject.

Yes the desert really looks as beautiful as this. I believe this was taken
in the Kelso Dunes Wilderness Area.

These pictures tell quite a story, don’t they?

Now do you understand what I mean when I talk about never ending
desert vistas?

By the way, as the writer points out several times in his trip report, several
of the places visited may one day be sites for possible solar development,
so some of these vistas will have a different appearance in the future if that
goes through.

I would like to express my gratitude to my friend at for allowing
me to use his images on my site, it is an honor to me to be allowed to do so,
thank you very much.

Still to come as promised will be a post about possible dangers coming to our
forests here, as well as a possible trip report of my own.