Saturday, February 26, 2011

Interesting article found: “Home Solar PV Cheaper Than Concentrating Solar Power”

Which is what groups such as Solar Done Right have been saying all

This article was posted the other day at Renewable Energy World, I don’t
get all the numbers, but after reading Mr. John Farrell’s(the author)profile,
I will say that he probably knows what he is talking about.

The article can be found here and the author’s profile which also lists other
articles that he has written can be found here.

I do have a couple of thoughts about this.

All along, I have felt that this was the case, rooftop pv would be cheaper, all
things taken into account, but I never saw an article laying it out like this-
in an industry web site by an industry insider; in this case, a senior researcher.

The other thought is that with the capital stream drying up, especially when
you consider that several of the concentrated solar plants set for the California
desert are now in the court system, and who knows what will happen- a fight
seems to be brewing in the renewable energy industry between proponents of
large scale csp and the photovoltaic folks, and pv seems to be winning.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is large industrial scale pv seems to also be on the rise, for example, the Tessera proposed plant in Calico, if built, now will be mostly
industrial pv, which requires graded, packed down, coated land free of any
plant or animal life where the panels are located and takes up a similar size footprint on the ground.

We can fervently hope that the ideas in this article will fall on fertile soil with
the decision makers, and the rooftop solar energy rush can begin.

A good start would be more large commercial buildings getting solar panels,
yes, a good start indeed, if it ever happens.